Zebra Hoodie Sweater

I got this amazing zebra thermal from Girl Charlee after seeing it on Girl Like the Sea here. Her girlies are so cute! And I fell in love with the idea of zebras on little kids.


I used the Charlie Hoodie pattern. I think it turned out just perfect.


I used orange as a contrast, naturally. If you’ve ever seen my car, you can probably guess my favorite color (hint: it’s orange).


The orange jersey I got actually reminds me a bit of the orange outfit of Padme Amidala’s. (And yes, I happen to like the new Star Wars movies. Sue me.) It has an amazing drape and is a little heavy, but not too heavy, if you know what I mean. Perfect for the hood.


Also, the zebras on the pocket matched up perfectly with the ones on the front.  Which, by happy coincidence.  I realized would line up if I moved them just a little. Which I totally planned.

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