Winter Wonderland

Project Run & Play Week One:

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

My goal for the four weeks of PR&P is to sew as many times for Tim as for John. He’s finally big enough that it doesn’t feel pointless to make something that will be outgrown in a few weeks! Week one is Winter Wonderland. I started with the Anytime At All Tee which is due to be released soon by Shwin&Shwin (shared early with Shauna’s permission). Tim already has three of these! The smaller sizes have a onesie option, which is what I’ve been using. Daddy calls Tim his little penguin because of how he ‘swims’ on the ground, so this fabric is perfect (from Girl Charlee).

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

The blazer is actually the Lily Blazer (affiliate link), just boy’d a bit :) I used a super soft fleece for the outside and the reindeer print (Girl Charlee) for the lining.

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

The faux leather is from I used it for the patch pockets, cuffs, elbow pads, and the contrast on the back.

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

Instead of the ruffle the pattern calls for, I drafted a shirttail/box pleat piece. One of the ladies on the PeekABoo Facebook page said it has a retro tuxedo feel and I agree!

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

The moccasins also started out as a PeekABoo pattern(affiliate link). I left off the fringe and used a sherpa-backed suede with all the seams going outward.

And the pants. Ah the pants. My new favorite pattern (told you I made more!). Small Fry Skinnies from Titchy Threads.

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

I used a black twill from Hobby Lobby and did the half-fly, full pockets version.

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

So neat and clean looking!

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

I had a little fun with the pockets and the alphabet option on my machine and wrote his nickname on them – which makes them Bean Pants :)

Funny story: I posted some of these pictures in the FB group for the testers and mentioned I was going to use them for PR&P. I got a comment from a Karly and then Laura (the designer) said she couldn’t wait to see what Karly did for week one. All of a sudden it clicked. I went a little fangirl and wrote this: “Ah!! YOU’RE Paisley Roots!! I feel like I’ve been talking to a celebrity and didn’t even know it..”

John tried to get in on the fun, but Tim wasn’t having it.

"Back off, reindeer games!"

“Back off, reindeer games!”

Oh that comb over’s got to go! He used to look like little old man (cute) but now it’s looking more un-mullet: long in the front, short in the back (not cute).

Winter Wonderland PR&P8 {{}}

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  1. Karly Nelson says:

    I am so flattered!! Your outfit is darling and I absolutely adore the fabric you used for the lining! It was so fun seeing this in the tester group before! You have one little stud on your hands!

  2. erickmarnae says:

    Great boy sewing! I love sewing for my little one year old..its so rewarding, and there is just something so irresistible about teeny tiny clothes :) so cute!

  3. Jo Shaffer says:

    Adorable! And I love the mocassins to go with. Those pockets are so cute, and the lining, and the back belt, and. and. and. I could go on and on, very cute. Great job Momma! with love,

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