Willow & Co Test Patterns

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Willow&Co patterns coming out soon. I got to test three and love them all!

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}First is the Hawthorn Pullover by the amazing Laura of Titchy Threads. If you’re a regular reader, you know my love for the Small Fry Skinnies (seriously, just type that in the search box – it’s ridiculous) and this new pattern does not disappoint!

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

Of course he’s wearing his latest Small Fries :)

I did the half zip option. I was a little intimidated at first, but Laura makes it easy to get a professional finish.

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}


Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

I outlined the inside yoke with bright orange thread and I looove the pop of color on the back.

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

And the split on the side? It looks even better on the inside than the outside!

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

How cute is that?

Next up is the Fawn Lily Tunic or Dress by Rebecca of Rock the Stitch. Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

This is my nine year old niece. She loved her top – and her twin brother was kind of annoyed that I hadn’t made him anything this time!

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

The pattern has two different bodice options and dress and tunic lengths, as well as several different ways to attach the skirt. The cap sleeves are added using a fantastic method that encloses the seam, so it’s pretty on the inside, too! This is the button placket version with the pleated skirt. I had this beautiful flower fabric sitting in my stash, just waiting for the right project. Paired with some shiny sort of broadcloth and red piping, this was it!

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

And last, but certainly not least, are the Kudzu Pants.

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

I love Elisa’s Knight Hoodie and am now in love with these shorts!

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

And the options! Shorts, pants, skinny fit, straight fit (these are the straight), colorblocking on the legs and the back pockets, and cargo pockets!

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

Oh and did I mention the waist is half rib knit? So comfy and easy to put on for my little man!

Willow&Co Test Patterns {{{FriendsStitchedTogether.com}}

I have never seen a cargo pocket done like this before! Such a great way to add more of the contrast. I used the wrong side of the denim for the colorblocking. These fit him so well and seeing him run around in them just makes me happy :)

The patterns are due to be released this week – I know I’ll be adding a bunch of them to my pattern library!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Very cool! I like how you did yellow topstitching to match the yellow rib on your Kudzu Cargos. Thank for testing and sharing all your creations!

  2. Meriel says:

    (So jealous you got to test) but I got the Fawn Lily last night, I love it! And your tests here are adorable, I didn’t buy the Kudzus but I’m very tempted now – your colorblocking is amazing!

    • natashawp says:

      The kudzus are incredible, Meriel – you’ll love them :) I’m just waiting for the finalized version to make John about 20 pair for this summer! And the Fawn Lily is probably one of the more unique patterns I’ve seen.

  3. Laura says:

    You did an amazing job on all of those patterns Amy! I love your colour blocking on the Kudzus and the Hawthorn is adorable on your little one. Thanks so much for your help with testing.

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