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It’s October and that means it’s time to celebrate our favorite villains! We have Brianne sharing her awesome costume and a tutorial for the crown she made! As always, scroll to the end for the giveaway and linky party and check out Teresa’s competition post over at Mae&K.

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Howdy!  I’m Brianne from Ali Cat & Co.  Thank you Amy, Tasha, Maegen, and Karen for having me today! When I saw the casting call for Crafting Con, I knew I wanted to be a villain.  I mean…I, uh…yea, I knew I wanted to be a villain. Won’t pretend that isn’t a true statement.  We all have our dark side.

I’ve had Retro Butterick 5556 sitting on my desk for some time now waiting for a special project.  Villain IS a special project. Therefore I needed to pick an evil female to match the pattern.

Maleficent first came to mind.  She is the most incredible female villain EVER and I could totally rock my pattern out in black and purple. But I thought that was too easy of a choice.  Sigh, it would have been fab.

So I thought and thought and thought.  Finally gave up thinking on my own and turned to Google.

Aha!  White Witch of Narnia aka Jadis, Yes!  I can work with that.

Here we have it.  My everyday Villain White Witch dress.

The exterior is white satin and the lining is a cotton/poly blend.

Next month, I will have a more in-depth review of the pattern and any alternations I did on my blog.

Now I have a tutorial for you beautiful readers on making a crown using Peltex and rhinestones.

  • Pellon Peltex 70: Peltex is 20″.  If your measurement is under that amount then you can 1/3 yard.  If your head measurement is more than 20″, then you will need to purchase that many inches (see below).
  • Spray paint-choice of color.  I recommend to also get spray paint primer
  • Box ‘o’ rhinestones
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • pencil
Measure around the head where you want the crown to fit.  I measured 21 inches.  Add how much ever seam allowance you desire for the back.  I did 1/2″ so I added one total inch to my length=22″.
 Measure the length on the Peltex. Mine is 22″ long.
Mark the center.  Mine is 11″.
At first, I thought 4″ high would be sufficient.  I was wrong.  For an adult, you want 5-6″.  4″ might be okay for a child.  Mark the height above your center mark.
Draw the design of the crown.  I went basic and simple.  I’m no artist.
The front of my head is 6″ wide.  I only drew the crown design to cover the front.  You can make the crown go all the way around if you desire.  The sides and back of my crown are 1/2″ wide.
Once done, cut it out.
Try it on.  Make silly faces to disguise your tired eyes.
Spray paint it! Both sides.  First spray the primer.  Let it dry at least 20 minutes.  Then spray the color on.  Wait at least an hour for it to dry before bedazzling.
 Plug in the glue gun.  Get to bedazzling!  I’m no bedazzle expert.  Actually, first time bedazzler.  But I really love the word bedazzle.
Keep on bedazzling until complete.  I only bedazzled the main portion of the crown, not the sides and back.
Once finished bedazzling, (how many times do I say bedazzle in this tutorial?) hot glue the seam allowance.  Let it thoroughly dry before trying on. Pull off any spider webs left by the glue gun.
There ya have it! A Peltex bedazzled crown!
How cool is that?! I think I may need to change my costume plans just so I can use a crown like this ;) Thanks for sharing Brianne!

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