Valentine’s Medal Shirt

I wanted to make a not-too-girly shirt for John for Valentine’s. I know it’s early, but, hey! I got a holiday shirt done and it’s not last minute!

Valentine's Medal Shirt Tutorial {{}}

I made this the same way as the Medal Shirt here. This time, I used fabric instead of the ribbon, and little leather hearts for the medals.

I thought I’d do a quick tutorial in case someone wanted to do a similar! This takes a tee pattern and literally scraps.

You will need:

Your favorite tee pattern. I used the Vintage V Neck again. (I split the sleeves, left the cuffs unhemmed, and doubled the width of the neck ribbing.)
Scraps of fabric/ribbon
Scraps of leather (I found it by the masks and feathers in JoAnn)
Tear Away Stabilizer
Glue stick
Normal sewing stuff

First iron on your Heat’N’Bond to your scraps and cut them an inch wide and however long you want. I did 3 and 3.5 inches. Cut a little point on one end.

Valentine's Medal Shirt Tutorial {{}}

Lay them on your shirt where you would normally put a pocket and iron. Lay the tear away stabilizer underneath to keep your machine from eating the fabric. Set your zig zag to a small width and a short length and sew around each strip.

Valentine's Medal Shirt Tutorial {{}}

I find it helps to use pins on the very outer edges of your stabilizer to hold it in place on the back. Make sure they aren’t under where you’ll be sewing.

Valentine's Medal Shirt Tutorial {{}}

I use a silver Sharpie to mark on the back of the leather to trace my heart template (which is about an inch high and wide). If you’re using a thick leather, make sure your knit for your tee is a heavier weight. If it’s too thin, the medals will cause it to pull funny. It helps to use a glue stick on the back of the hearts to hold them in place on the shirt – you don’t want to use pins on leather.

Sew around the hearts with a longer zig zag – if the zig zags are too close, they’ll perforate the leather.

Valentine's Medal Shirt Tutorial {{}}

And finish your tee like normal. Easy peasy, not too girly, a little military – perfect for a boy on Valentine’s :) If you make one, I’d love to see it!

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