Tuna Artichoke Sandwiches

Well I have finally gotten to the point in this pregnancy where I am no longer on any restrictions/rest and I have regained my energy back!! That means more cooking and sewing projects are in the works!!! So what a great way than sharing with you a yummy accidental recipe for Tasty Tuesday!!

    Sitting around my house un able to be up and doing a lot I found myself watching a lot of cooking shows and wanting to try out just about everything I was seeing on tv. My problem was I only half paid attention to some of the best sounding recipes, so if I wanted to re create them I had to google my life away looking for said recipe, or I could just wing it. Needless to say today I just wang it… wung it… did wing it?? Any who I saw my favorite chef Giada make this artichoke tuna panini thing and it looked fantastic!! Did I remember everything she put in it?? NOOOO, but I remembered the main ingredients and decided to re create my own kind of tuna artichoke sammich!
    Here are the ingredients:
2 cans of albacore tuna
half a jar of artichokes (it saves a bunch of time having them already cleaned and cooked for you I promise… and Giada used it to so it is ok)
Calamata olives – use to taste
Lemon juice
Garlic powder
Feta Cheese crumbles
I started by draining my tuna and then tossing it into a bowl. I took about half a jar of artichokes and diced them up. I wanted them small enough to be mixed well with the tuna but I didn’t want them tiny. I had bought at the grocery store Calamata olives which are like a cross between black olives and green olives. A smoother taste than the sharp green ones but more distinct than a plain black olive. You can find them pitted already but I like them non pitted because they have a better taste. Remove the pit and throw some into a mini chopper and then add to your tuna and artichokes. I say add to taste because I like that briny olive taste so I would add more than most people do. I even added a splash of the juice the olives came in to my tuna. Next I add about two tablespoons of mayo and a splash of lemon juice. Add salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. You can eat this tuna mixture right out of the bowl… like I started to do… or you can take any kind of bread and toast it to make a delicious sandwich. Once my bread was toasted I crumbled some feta cheese on one slice then topped with my tuna and artichoke mixture and finished my sandwich. After that I was too busy licking my plate clean to remember to take a picture of the final process.
    It is good to be back and I can’t wait to share more of the great recipes I have lined up for the next couple of weeks.
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