Toddler Dinosaur Cape Tutorial

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Anyone else procrastinating Halloween costumes? How about whipping up a quick Dino cape for your toddler?

Toddler Dino Cape Tutorial{}

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These are fast, simple, and so customizable!

Here’s a pattern for the hood and a cheat sheet for you (click to download):

Dino Capes

You will also need:

  • One yard of fleece
  • 1/4 yard constrast fleece
  • Small amount polyfill
  • 1″ of 1″ or 3/4″ velcro
  • Regular sewing supplies (I like to use a walking foot to keep the fleece from bunching and pulling)
  • Use 1/2″ seam allowance unless otherwise noted

First, keep your fleece folded in half (I’m using pics of several different capes, which is why they’re all different colors).  You’re going to want to cut a half circle on the fold (my computer ate my pics of this step but it should be fairly easy if you look at the diagram on the pattern). You can use the string-tied-to-a-pen method or use this awesome free template. You want the top line to be about six inches down and the bottom line to be the full width of the fabric: 29 or 30 inches. This part doesn’t have to be super accurate, so long as it looks fairly even! Cut open the fold so you have two quarter circles.

Cut out a right and left hood from the leftover section at the bottom. Also cut two 3″x2″ strips from the scraps.

Keeping your contrast fabric folded in half, cut a four inch strip lengthwise (it will end up 4″ x 60″). To cut the spikes, I like to use my rotary cutter. I’m using a very thin fleece so I have it folded in four. Mark every three inches on the bottom and in the middle of each section on the top. I just use a Sharpie since it’s not noticeable when it’s finished.


Cut out the spikes one way:


Then turn your ruler and cut them the other way:


This will give you approximately 34 spikes, which is more than you need, so you can mess up a few :) Sew two together along the long edges leaving the short bottom open. Use 1/4 inch seam allowance. Put your needle down when you get to the end of the first side and lift the foot to turn the spike. Repeat to make at least twelve. This is a great place to use a contrast thread.


Stuff each with a small amount of polyfill. You only want enough to make the spike stand up on it’s own. I don’t turn the stitching to the inside because I like the look, but you could if you prefer.


Now open up your hood and position the spikes along the rounded edge. I like to use five. Use plenty of pins to keep it from shifting around!


Re-match the hoods and pin some more.


Sew along this edge, backstitching at both ends. When you open it right side out, it will look like this:


Use the same method to add spikes along the long straight edge of the cape that you cut open. Make sure you give yourself at least half an inch at the neck to attach the hood.


Match the hood up to the cape, right sides together, matching the middle seams where the spikes are. This is why you want to keep the spikes at least half an inch away from the edge – so they don’t get caught in this seam! The hood will not go all the way to the edge of the cape (This pic vanished, too. Sorry!). Sew all the way from edge to edge.

Take your two 3″x2″ pieces and fold in half.


Sew on your velcro to each end. I like to sew a box with an x through it.


Set the velcro piece on the wrong side of the fabric as far in as the edge of the hood. Fold the top edge over and pin. If you keep the velcro attached for this step, you won’t accidentally sew them in backwards so they won’t attach (Don’t ask how long and how many un-picks it took for me to figure that out!).


Sew another box with an x to attach these. Then you can topstitch the whole way around the neckline to make the seam a little neater.


You can add a label to the back, an applique to the front, eyes on the hood, whatever you want!


And there it is! These work great for a quick Halloween sew or just to beef up your toddler’s dress-up box! They would also make sweet birthday or Christmas presents.

You’ll want to hand wash in soapy water and line dry to keep those spikes from getting munched.

If you would rather buy one, they are available in my shop here. Feel free to sell capes made from this tutorial, but please give credit where credit is due and mention the pattern is by FriendsStitchedTogether or SeamsLikeSunday. If you make one, I’d love to see it!

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