The Princess has arrived!!

She is finally here!! Well she has been here for 2 weeks now, but it has taken me this long to get some energy to be able to tell you about her birth story. Amy shared how easy peasy Tim’s birth was… This is not the same kind of story. I knew this child was going to be difficult the moment they told me I was having a girl. How did I know you ask? Ummmm I am her mother and if she is anything like me she is going to be a stubborn Diva with tons of attitude! My pregnancy was considered high risk due to “multiple pregnancies with unfavorable outcomes” per the doctors. I spent the first trimester and practically the whole last trimester on bed rest. At my 34 week ultrasound they noticed that her fluid was low. I then had to go in for twice a week appointments where I was hooked up to monitors for non-stress tests, once a week biophysical profile’s of her to check on her growth and her fluid. Needless to say it was not fun having the ladies at the check in desk, checking you in when they see your truck pull up! :/

At 35 weeks we were in the hospital with full blown labor contractions that had to be stopped so we wouldn’t have to be shipped off to a bigger town to have Princess. Once the contractions were stopped and we made it to 36 weeks they took me off of bed rest hoping that I would go into labor on my own and we could just deliver her. There were a couple close calls but it wasn’t until my routine 37 week check up that they noticed the contractions were closer than normal and Princess’s fluid was even lower than normal. Off to the hospital for us and she was born via c section at 5:30 that night! Once she was delivered they saw that she had a true knot in her umbilical cord. This was the reason her fluid was low. With the knot in the cord she wasn’t getting her full nutrients and therefore wasn’t able to produce urine/amniotic fluid.

Besides being the tiniest thing I have ever seen, Princess is absolutely perfect! Don’t get me wrong she is a cranky little Diva, but we already knew she was going to be didn’t we!? ;)

IMG_1422    And with this face, it is okay to be a little bit of a Diva anyway!

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