The Mischief Shirt

You know how sometimes you have a great idea for a themed project and you make it and put it away so your kid doesn’t get his grimey hands on it and then you forget about it until months after the event it was for? Well I do.

The Mischief Shirt {{}}

No mischief here

This was going to be John’s Christmas shirt. I made it way back in September-ish when I had the idea and then set it aside in my sewing room because it has white and John can’t keep white that clean for more then about ten minutes.

I cleaned (gasp!) this weekend and found it and figured I better put it on him before it’s too small! It’s a Recess Raglan in a 2T, so it’s already almost there.

Now it’s more of a Harry Potter (Or as John says: “Pitty Pottuh”) shirt. Mischief Managed, anyone?

The Mischief Shirt {{}}

“Maybe there’s some trouble over here?”

I made a freezer paper stencil with my Silhouette, but the blade was getting dull, so some of the letters tore. By happy chance, it looks pretty cool :)

"More pictures Mom?"

“More pictures Mom?”

I did end up with one of my favorite pictures to date:

The Mischief Shirt {{}}

How could that boy possibly be up to any mischief?!

*The more times you type “mischief” the weirder it looks. Just thought I’d share*

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