Tasty Tuesday- Spicy Citrus and Soy Tuna

The Hubby and I are on a mission to eat better and to get our selves into shape…. and not the round shape… by the start of the summer when we have a family reunion to go to. I was kind of forced onto an icky diet by my Dr. to rule out some tummy problems I have been having. So that means no more yummy foods… or so I thought! I was googling Quinoa recipes and stumbled on this yummy sounding Tuna steak recipe that you serve with quinoa. I found this recipe at Delish, but had to change a couple things in it to accommodate my diet.

Tasty Tuesday-Spicy Citrus and Soy Tuna {{friendsstitchedtogether.wordpress.com}}


Here’s what you need:

1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce

1/2-1 jalapeño, seeded (chopped if you would like)

2 tbsp. fresh orange juice

orange zest

1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice

1/4 tsp. ground cumin

3-4 tuna steaks


In a small sauce pan, combine soy sauce, jalapeño, orange and lemon juices, zest, and cumin. Simmer over moderate heat until reduced by about half, about 8 minutes. If you chopped up the jalapeños, you will want to strain out your sauce. I didn’t chop mine so that way my hubby could grill them up when he grilled the tuna.

Tasty Tuesday-Spicy Citrus and Soy Tuna {{friendsstitchedtogether.wordpress.com}}

While that is simmering you will want to get your grill good and hot. I leave the grilling up to the husband because he has a way with it that I just don’t! He gets the grill between 475-500 degrees for the tuna.Tasty Tuesday-Spicy Citrus and Soy Tuna {{friendsstitchedtogether.wordpress.com}}

Once sauce is done, and strained if need be, you will then spoon it over the steaks, flip steaks and spoon more. I let them sit at room temp with the marinade on them for about 3-5 minutes before grilling them.Tasty Tuesday-Spicy Citrus and Soy Tuna {{friendsstitchedtogether.wordpress.com}}

Once on the grill my husband continued to baste them with the little bit of sauce that was left. He grilled them about 2 minutes each side making them medium rare in the middle.

When I started cooking the sauce I also started the quinoa. That you can make just as the bag says, but after I rinse the quinoa I like to take a teaspoon or two of coconut oil and toast them a bit first. And because we were having seafood I took a shrimp flavored bouillon and  dissolved it in 2 cups hot water, then cook the quinoa in that instead of just water. It gives the quinoa a fluffier texture at the end and a hint of seafood taste. It was amazing I promise you!

Once both are cooked serve your tuna over your quinoa and a handful of fresh spinach, then enjoy!

    Tasty Tuesday-Spicy Citrus and Soy Tuna {{friendsstitchedtogether.wordpress.com}}


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