Tasty Tuesday – Meatloaf 

         Tasty Tuesday Meatloaf


Now this isn’t your everyday meatloaf I hate meatloaf and this one is legit! This is a bacon, mushroom, and cheese stuffed meatloaf!!! It is in no way healthy but it is scrumptious! The best part is, it is rather simple. I mean most meatloaves are simple, but for it being a stuffed one with lots of goodies, it took no time in prep! Here is what you need:


1-2 lbs. ground beef/turkey/chicken/ whatever you fancy




Any shredded white cheese blend (I did a 5 cheese Italian blend)



Seasonings (salt, pepper, oregano, basil, etc.)



My family doesn’t eat a lot of beef so I used ground turkey for this meatloaf. The great thing about meatloaf is it doesn’t matter what type of ground meat you use it will all be delicious that is if you are a meatloaf lover. Again I am not a fan and this is the only one I eat! J

I used 2 lbs. of ground turkey because it was feeding 5 people and I wanted to make sure there was plenty. I take 1 egg per pound of turkey and combine that with whatever seasoning you like. Now set that off to the side. This is a good time to preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Chop up a small-medium onion and sauté them in a pan with a clove of garlic, or if you have the minced stuff like I did, I used a big ol spoonful! While the onions and garlic are cooking down I will cut up my mushrooms.


I’m not gonna lie, like 5 mushrooms in I realized it was easier to just break them up with my hands and throw them in a bowl. It was faster and easier! Throw those bad boys into the pan with your onions and garlic and sauté away! I like to sauté my mushrooms in a splash of cooking white wine. Once cooked, you will need to drain out that extra bit of wine that didn’t reduce so it doesn’t make the meatloaf soggy.


While the veggies were sautéing, I started up the bacon now I do this the lazy way as my husband would say. I microwave the bacon. Not to be lazy, but because I hate the way fried up bacon smells. Yes I know there was a giant gasp that fell from your mouth, but that uber fried bacon smell is horrible to me, pregnant or not. So yes I microwave it! I used the whole pack and split the pack in half for each loaf I made. I made two because I didn’t have one large baking dish, just two small ones!

Once the bacon is cooked, let slightly cool then chop loosely. I like my chunks of bacon to be recognizable when eating the loaf but you can chop them as fine or large as you please.


Now is the assembly of the logs/loafs. Take some plastic wrap and lay it out. Next you will spread out your meat mixture and flatten to a desired size. I eye balled it until it looked good to me. It is all about your preference.


Next I sprinkled a generous helping of the shredded cheese. (I must say once cooked and served I realized I could have used more cheese, but you live and you learn well you cook and you learn whatev!)


Top the cheese with your sautéed mushrooms and onions.


The last layer is your bacon. Cover the entire area with bacon and refrain from taking a bite of everything at this moment, because remember it is raw meat under there!


The method to rolling up your meatloaf is honestly whatever way you can do it best. I try and roll it like it was a sushi roll, remembering to shove back any loose bacon chunks that may fall out. Once it resembles a log of sorts place it in your greased loaf pans or baking dish and huck that beast into the oven.


You will need to check on your loaf after about 45 minutes. If you packed it super full like I did I found it needed an additional 8 minutes or so.

Unfortunately I was unable to take a picture of it all pretty and sliced on the serving plate; because as soon as it hit the plate it was devoured by all!! I do have a kind of crappy picture of the second log pre-cut up, already in tinfoil, and ready to be the hubby’s leftover’s tomorrow sorry!!


If you make this and love it just as much as I did let me know, if you happen to add your own twist on this, let me know I love hearing feedback!!

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