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It is the perfect time of year to bust out your great soup recipes. One of my all time favorite is homemade chicken noodle. And when I say homemade, I am talking everything is from scratch! If I had a garden I would have plucked the veggies fresh and it would be legit from scratch, but fresh veggies from the store still works! This post is kind of a 3 in one. I am going to share with you how I make my own broth from a whole chicken, then use both the chicken and the broth to make the soup, and how I make my own noodles!

To start we will talk broth…

I get a whole chicken and throw that bad boy/girl into a large stock pot and fill it with water until the chicken is fully submerged. I like to bring the chicken to a boil before I add any spices, as to not kill the spices off with extreme boiling. Then I add some thyme, sage, white pepper, salt, a couple bay leaves and some basil. I throw basil in just about everything so I tend to always have either fresh on hand or freeze dried. It is a fantastic thing to have on hand. Let that boil for a half hour or so and then bring the heat down to about medium-high and boil for a couple more hours.SAM_1450

Now we want to drain the broth and separate the chicken and bones. The easiest way I do this is, take two large bowls and a colander. Put the colander into one of the large bowls and carefully drain the stock pot. Set the liquid off to the side and now you can pick out from the colander the chicken off the bone. Hence the need for the second bowl. If you have a larger holed colander you may want to take some sort of slotted spoon and strain out some more of the chunks that can still make it through. You will be left with a broth like so:


You can put the whole thing in your crockpot/large pot , or like I do take two cups of broth and two cups of water. Then add your chicken that you have just boiled, carrots, onions, garlic, and celery. I like to add a little more garlic powder, thyme, sage, salt and pepper, and of course basil. cook on low for most of the day or high for a couple hours.



While that is cooking we can make our pasta!!!

How To Make Pasta:




You only need 4 ingredients.



Flour – 2 cups

Eggs – 2

Salt – 1 tsp.

Milk – 4-5 tbsp.

I added pictures of the whole process to show you how each step is supposed to look. People get very intimidated by pasta but it is pretty darn easy!

In a large bowl add your flour and salt and mix well. I then make a crevice in the flour to hold the egg when poured in.


In a second bowl you can beat your eggs with the milk, then add to the crevice you made in the flour.


Mix with your hands until it starts to form into dough.


You don’t want it crumbly, but at the same time you don’t want it sticky. If you need to slowly add in a little more milk to avoid the crumbles you can, and if you have it too sticky sprinkle more flour.


On a floured surface you will knead the dough from 8-10 minutes. (I prefer to contain the mess and knead it on a cookie sheet covered in flour.) It does seem to be a long time to knead the dough but it needs to be well incorporated… and who doesn’t need a good arm workout?!?!!?

You will get a soft ball of dough when all nice and kneaded.


That will go in a clean bowl and covered with a damp towel for a half hour (30 minutes) to rest. It is important that you let the dough rest!!!

If you have a pasta machine now is a good time to break it out. If not it is ok, you can just use a rolling pin, your super muscles, and a pizza cutter!!

SAM_1467¬†Wait… don’t you do your cooking with your baby on the counter?? She loves helping momma!!

Make sure to flour your surface that you are working on, then grab your rolling pin and roll your ball out some.


Now cut in half.


This makes rolling it out so much easier. Especially if you are rolling it out by hand. If you are not using a pasta machine you will want to roll out your dough until it is about 1/4 of an inch thick. If using a machine start on the number 1 and run it through the machine, and each time going up a number on the dial. I like my noodles to be a little thicker so I stop at the 4th setting.SAM_1471

Once all rolled out cut in half. It will make life a lot easier, trust me.


If doing this by hand you can use a knife or a pizza cutter and cut the noodles to your desired size. By machine I run it through the larger noodle size.


With one hand guiding the pasta dough through, you will want to catch the noodles so they don’t end up in a big ball… you will then have to roll them back out and redo the process all over again! Big headache!






You can either immediately use your noodles or you can let them dry first. If you are going to let them dry lay them out flat on a clean surface.


Because of my table cloth I didn’t want them to stick so I just placed them on cookie sheets. They take anywhere from 1 1/2 hours – 2 hours to dry.

You can then cut them in half again like I did or use them super long in your soup.

If you are making pasta for something other than the soup, you will want to boil them for about 8 minutes to cook thoroughly.

Now back to the soup….

Add your noodles, and let cook all together for another 10 minutes or so and then serve!!





I tend to make a giant pot full and always end up freezing half of it. It is great when there is so much going on around the holidays and I don’t have time to get dinner made I can pull that out, unthaw it and reheat! Speaking of holidays, how great would this be with left over turkey?!?!?!




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