Tank Top Refashion

tank    With my ever growing prego belly clothes are just not fitting the way I would like them too. I bought this really cute tank top and didn’t try it on first… I know bad Tasha, but I got it in a large thinking it would work. It is one of those cute ones with loose ruffles. When I put it on the ruffles were anything but cute and loose around my belly!!! So I went through my trusty stash of lace and what not’s to find a solution! And here it is!
Here is a quick tutorial showing you what I did!
You will need your tank that you want to “enlarge”… ok let’s just say refashion, and not enlarge… I’m not a whale needing a mu mu so we will avoid any references to anything big! You will also need lace or crochet fabric, thread and scissors.
 materials needed
I picked out this great thick lace trim that I had, but as I was getting ready to cut it I realized I didn’t have enough, so I found some lace type fabric that I just got from the local senior center.
I paid a whopping $0.15 for this stuff… and this was just what I cut for my side panels not even the whole bundle I got! Score!!! When measuring for your side panel you can do it as wide as you want. I knew I wanted mine to be wide enough that I could wear the tank for at least another month before Princess B grew too much and made it awkward!
Next you will  need to cut the seams up the sides. Honestly this part took longer than anything else!
Once the seams are ripped open, you will pin the side panel fabric right side together to the tank and sew a basic stitch up the side. Normally you would need to serge or zig zag stitch the edge, but with the jersey fabric it doesn’t fray so it will be completely up to you if you do this. Repeat the pinning and sewing up the front and back sides with both panels and you are done! I didn’t get a picture of the sewing process because I was in the zone and sipped right through it!
Honestly from start to finish this project took about 15 minutes to do! It is quick and easy and the end result is super cute! Take another look!
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