Star Wars with Paisley Roots

Today we have Karly with us, showing her Jedi inspired look for CraftingCon! Over at Mae&K, we have Sara sharing a not-so-nerdy Star Wars inspired outfit for her son. Scroll down to the end for the giveaway and link party. Don’t forget you can sign up here to be involved next season!

Hey! I’m Karly from Paisley Roots. I am so excited about Star Wars! I love the outfits and any time I think of Star Wars I think of my dear friend Susan and her son when he used to sit at the table with his little Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grevious and would act out their epic battle. Did I mention he was 2 at the time?? It always cracked me up.
To be totally honest, my kids are not Star Wars fans. -GASP- I know. Any time I put it on it is quickly asked, “Can we watch a different movie please??”
Ah well, maybe one day. For now, they can enjoy the outfits.
Can you tell this is Jedi inspired?
Obi-Wan, may or may not be my favorite character….
For the top I used the Bettyann Dress or Top by Scientific Seamstress. I used faux leather for the straps and bodice strap and then an off white gauze for the skirt part. Makes it super light and airy and perfect for the summer!
For the shorts, I used my all time favorite, Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads. I made them in a khaki and embroidered “Star Wars” on the back pocket. I also decreased the length by quite a few inches to make them the perfect length for my silly girl.
We made up Zoe’s hair in a Princess Leia-esk hair style since Zoe is a girl and Princess Leia was a Jedi Knight. We do have an actual light saber, but we of course couldn’t find it before taking pictures and our stores here were out. Seriously. Zoe did not seem to mind at all though and had a blast killing poor innocent plants as well as her hand. She was very insistent to keep touching her light saber.

Thanks for having us Amy and Maegen! After entering the giveaway, you can stop by my blog if you want to see even more pictures, cause I kind of went crazy and took tons……
May the force be with you….
I started grinning the instant I saw that first picture – Obi Wan’s my favorite too! I met Karly when we were both testing the Small Fry Skinnies – I love that she used them here! What a great, girly Jedi look – thanks Karly!

Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!


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If you want in on the action, we’re looking for bloggers both big and small to compete, guest post, and write tutorials for our next season. Sign up here to be considered!

The winners of the sew along will get the Matinee Dress from Jennuine Designs, the Cherry Pie skirt from Pie Pie Designs, the Saffron Twirl dress from Paisley Roots, and a pattern of their choice from Muse of the Morning. If there are enough entries, we will pick more than one winner and divide the pattern prizes.

Rules for the link up: Enter anything fiber-related and Star Wars themed from the past year. There is no limit to how many posts you can link up, but adding more won’t increase your chances of winning – in other words, you can enter fifteen looks, but will only be entered to win once. The contestants for this month are allowed to enter anything they’ve done that’s Star Wars related, but are not eligible to win – however, our guest posters can enter their posts and are eligible to win. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all made!

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  1. Sara @Made-by-Sara says:

    I love it Karly!! And I am so happy I have decided in the last minute to make something for my boy instead or our posts would have been just about the same – hair braids and all! ;) Even so, I have also used the Small Fry Skinny jeans pattern. I guess “great minds”… :) :)

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