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The final week of Project Sewn may just be my favorite theme….your signature style! When I think of someone’s signature style, I think what would everyone else recognize as their signature. For me it isn’t hard…CHEETAH!!! I love cheetah print anything! My daughter has cheetah everything and her room will be painted here shortly with cheetah print. I even have a half sleeve tattoo of just cheetah print! I know a little obsessive but I LOVE it!! And you can’t say that this little princess doesn’t look darling in cheetah too!!!


 Because cheetah print is bold enough on it’s own I didn’t want to go too over the top with the design, you know because I’m not over the top or anything! Ha ha I’m sorry I couldn’t even type that with a straight face, I am a bit of an over the top Diva and I can’t help it! Anyways, I decided on a simple circle skirt and plain colored top as my signature piece.


I wanted to make my shirt from scratch, but 1.) I couldn’t find a pattern I liked in time, and 2.) my children were very needy this week and I a surprised I was able to complete this look at all! Instead I found this shirt at the dollar store… YES THE DOLLAR STORE!!!! (insert my excited squeal here!) I decided to “Refashion” the shirt to turn it from a generic tee, to something a little cuter. I love a little bit of pleating around the neckline because it seems feminine, and helps when you have, ahem, a smaller bust size!


I wanted a small belt for accent and went digging through my stash from when I used to work, and well dress up in more than yoga pants, and I found a cute small black belt with a simple buckle. Unfortunately that was a belt that was worn before babies. After snipping off the buckle I went through my leather stash and found this soft leather in dark brown. Measure, cut, loop, and sew and now I have a new belt!


Piece the three together and Voila! I love it! It is sassy… like me.








The best part is I can pair this with tights and ankle boots for the fall and a long sleeved plain colored top as well!


Check out that balance… in heals…. on a not so easy to walk on wooden plank dock!!!

If you want to vote for this look over at Project Sewn go here! It is the last entry!

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