Sew Yourself Some Love

I’ve been loving the Sew Yourself Some Love tour so far and am so happy to be joining in! I made four different pieces for a complete outfit: the Provence Pea Coat and SOS Pants and….

Sew Yourself Some Love - Friends Stitched TogetherThe Telluride Top and Gizmo Garage!

Sew Yourself Some Love - Friends Stitched TogetherI have to admit to being a little nervous about the pea coat. It took so much fabric and it’s such a statement piece (especially in gold sweatshirt fleece!) that I was afraid I’d make the wrong size or never wear it or something. Well, I don’t know why I was worried! Suzanne’s patterns are always top-notch and spot-on for sizing and I am in love with the color!

Sew Yourself Some Love - Friends Stitched TogetherI think I like the idea of the detachable hood more than the actual hood itself. I’m planning on making another next year and I’ll try to figure out a way to incorporate the hood into the collar itself (plus, this hood it totally going to be lost by then ;P) I love the flattering princess seams in the front and back – they’re perfect for a full figure. The only problem… One of the problems with having your husband as your photographer is that he doesn’t tell you to get back inside and iron your clothes… Sigh…

Sew Yourself Some Love - Friends Stitched TogetherNaturally, I had to line the coat with some exploding TARDIS fabric or it wouldn’t be my coat!

Sew Yourself Some Love - Friends Stitched TogetherThe Telluride Top is currently my favorite shirt. I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I finished it a few weeks ago! It’s flattering and fits well “out of the box” – this is my muslin! I love how the hood sits inside the neckline and can look like it’s part of another layer. I already have several fabric combinations sitting in my to-do pile. I did the hi-lo hem and really like how it turned out.

Sew Yourself Some Love - Friends Stitched TogetherThe SOS pants is a pattern I’ve been holding out on for a while now. I haven’t been able to decide if I like myself in skinnies or not, but I figured this tour would be the perfect time to find out! I made several muslins in both knit and stretch denim before making these ones. I actually dyed some white stretch denim (this is one of the first times it’s worked so well for me!) and used a slightly smaller seam allowance. I still haven’t decided if I like them on or not, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing them all over! I’ve also made a pair of the straight leg version and really like them. In fact, I’m wearing them right now!

Sew Yourself Some Love - Friends Stitched TogetherThe Gizmo Garage is probably one of the funnest patterns I’ve sewn in a while. I’m not a big bag maker, so it’s always nice to switch things up a little. The pattern has a lot of pieces and looks confusing, but it is so well-written and organized that it goes together crazy-easy! I’ve already started on a second one for a friend and I have a feeling it might become a go-to gift!

Sew Yourself Some Love - Friends Stitched TogetherI made the largest size, and as you can see, it holds my laptop perfectly. I used this gorgeous fabric I got last year at the Puyallup Sewing Expo and have been hoarding for the project. I think it’s Cotton+Steel, but I didn’t save a selvedge and can’t for the life of me find it by Googling! Whatever. The fabric is amazing, the bag is amazing, it has a ton of space and lots of pockets (which I love) and will get a ton of use by me! Sew Yourself Some Love - Friends Stitched TogetherThanks for stopping by!


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  1. Andie W says:

    These are all such great makes! I love the colour of the coat. So bright and sunny! I have that exact fabric from the sweatshirt in a sweater. Twins. :) I adore the pants and how smart to dye white denim. I think I may try that. Love a good laptop bag. Thanks for sharing. :D

    • Amy and Tasha says:

      Thank you so much! I’m really really happy with how everything turned out! I love being able to make clothes that actually fit and look nice ;)

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