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How on earth are we on the third week of March? Whew! We have Linda here with a super-fun Toothless hoodie – something I’ve wanted to try myself for some time now! And how perfect is her blog name for this month’s theme ;)

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Hey everyone! I’m Linda and I blog at Sew Happily Ever After and Rose Academy. I’m excited to be participating this month in Crafting Con. This contest sure has stretched my imagination (and my sewing skills) this month, but I had an absolutely fun time creating this awesome hoodie with my son right alongside me. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed making it!

The theme for this month’s Crafting Con entry is “Once Upon A Time”. When I saw this theme, I was so excited. I had so many ideas in my brain, it was hard to narrow it down to just one! In the end I decided to use the knight hoodie, make a few adjustments, and turn it into a dragon hoodie. My son loves the movie How To Train Your Dragon. He has also enjoyed the audio books from Audible. That’s where my inspiration came from. At any rate, we had a blast creating this amazing hoodie and he is super proud of the results.


I think this project turned out so well and ended up being so much fun because I designed it totally at the request of my son. He drew what he wanted, I went to work. This sweatshirt is so much better because of his input. It truly never would have turned out so awesome if he hadn’t told me how to make it. I also think he wouldn’t love it as much either if I had sewn it the way I thought it should look. :)

Double scales down the back? No problem! Instead of cutting the back on the fold as instructed in the pattern, I cut out 2 mirror images and added a 1/2 inch seam allowance to the center back. This gave me enough room to sew the scales and then insert them in the center back seam. 

Let’s talk about the hood! I trimmed the knight extension off the top of the hood. I used that piece as a template so that the scales would curve around the hood nicely and added the pointy scales. I sewed them together and turned them so they would stand up nicely. I didn’t add any interfacing into the tips of the points and I’m pleased with how nicely they stand up. I left off all of the other knight details because, well, he’s not a knight. Now he’s a dragon!


Another change that I made to the hoodie is that I added dragon scales into the sleeves instead of the knight armor pieces. I added an additional 3 inch band below the first sleeve cut and inserted dragon scales into that section as well. I also added spikes onto the opening edges of the front pockets. All this at his request. I was getting pretty sick of sewing scales by this time, but I happily finished them at his request. 

Spikes added to the front pocket openings
Scales added into the sleeve pieces


Crafting Con is about digging into your inner geek-iness and making an article of clothing that “hints” at the theme, but isn’t a costume. It’s not supposed to be super totally obvious as far as the connection to the theme goes simply because it’s not a costume. It’s supposed to be something that your child could wear everyday while simply hinting at their favorite thing. Here’s what I love most about this theme…it can be interpreted so many different ways. 

Even though this isn’t a costume, there is one request that my son had and I simply couldn’t not honor his request. He wanted the hoodie to have Toothless’ tail attached to the back. In the spirit of bonding with my son (even though everything in my was screaming, “NO! Don’t do it!” I did it anyway.) I sewed Toothless’ tail and attached it to the back of the hoodie with my Kam Snap setter and Kam snaps. (Have I told you how much I love those things?) So the tail is totally removable. And if you remember from the movie, Toothless’ tail is actually damaged and he really can’t function well, so Hiccup actually makes a prosthetic tail piece so Toothless can fly. Yep, you guessed it, I even made that part of the tail and attached it with Kam Snaps. It’s totally removable too. So it’s something fun that makes this hoodie totally unique. He can wear it with or without the tail. He can play pretend with it if he wants. I’ve caught him flying around the house several times. (This is perfectly in the spirit of CraftingCon! We love having extra parts that can be removed to make the clothing more wearable! -Amy)
He’s already worn it several times and really, really loves it. I think he loves it so much not because it’s made by me, but because I listened to what he wanted. This project was definitely a labor of love and it’s totally what he imagined and dreamed up. I turned that into reality. THAT’S what makes it so special. This project was just as much him as it was me. He was so patient with me, and we honestly had a great time creating together. He’s just as proud of this accomplishment as I am. :)
What will you create for your “Once Upon A Time” theme?
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You can totally see how much he loves that hoodie! How fun!!

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  1. Bananafink says:

    Hands down very cool and creative. He should be very proud to have such an awesome one-of-a-kind hoodie, plus such an awesome mother who made it for him. It’s really neat he helped in the designing process.

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