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Natalie (Sew Outnumbered) is a fellow Sew McCool contributor and boy-mama. She wrote a tutorial for this neat little Scooter Buddy which is exactly what every boy (or girl) needs!  This week, several bloggers are sharing their versions and I was happy to join in!

Scooter Buddy Tour for Sew Outnumbered {{}}

John is randomly obsessed with cup holders and thinks he needs one on everything. He couldn’t be happier I made one for his scooter!

Scooter Buddy Tour for Sew Outnumbered {{}}

The back portion is a zippered pocket which is the perfect stashing place for cars, snacks, my phone, my keys… Oh wait – you thought this was just for him? Ha! I’ve carried his stuff around for three years – time to start sharing the load, kid ;)

Scooter Buddy Tour for Sew Outnumbered {{}}

I varied from the tutorial a bit by using a knit for the cup pocket. It was the perfect color for adding a Spider Man freezer paper stencil, and once I got the idea in my head, I couldn’t go another way! The rest I made from a dark denim. It’s sturdy enough that I skipped the interfacing.


I used velcro on the straps to hold it on and even managed to get a picture of it! We were at the park with his cousins and John had zero interest in holding still for pictures.

Scooter Buddy Tour for Sew Outnumbered {{}}

Thanks for such a clever, useful tutorial Nat! It was so quick to make – I’m planning a few for Christmas presents! Be sure and check out the other ladies on the tour. Several of them are sharing ways to adapt the Buddy to fit things besides scooters!

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