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CraftingCon Announced!

We are so excited to finally be announcing what we’ve been working on! And May the Fourth is the perfect day to do it :)

Tasha and I have teamed up with Maegen and Karen from to bring you CraftingCon – a series based on those things that we love to love!

CraftingCon will be a monthly sewing competition with a different theme every month – you can see the themes in the graphic above. There will be four competitors each month who will each sew up one look. Our idea is for the looks to be inspired by the theme, but practical enough that they can be worn to the grocery store – in other words, no costumes (except for October – Villains month, of course!).

We will also have guests with inspirational posts and tutorials, including some adult features. That’s right – we have some brave ladies sewing up nerdy stuff for themselves and their husbands!

The spots all filled up so fast that we decided to add in a blog tour! There will also be a linky party each month for everyone to show off their creations (it doesn’t have to be something new – if you made something within the past year, feel free to link it up!). At the end of each month, we’ll announce the winner of the competition and maybe even feature our favorite looks from the linky party :) At this point, we only have prizes for the main winners, but we’re working on getting sponsors and more prize packages, as well as giveaways.

The tour will run May 26 – 30 and will feature these lovey ladies: Kari, Bethany, Stephanie, Amanda, Maris, Chelsea, Meriel, Teronia, and Karly. Wow! They got to choose whichever theme they wanted from the whole year and I cannot wait to see what they’ve all come up with!

We will each have a page on our blogs where we’ll be compiling all the links so they will be easier to find. We also have a Pinterest board started here where you can go for inspiration. We haven’t started signing up for the second set of six months (December – May), so if you’re interested in guest posting, writing a tutorial, or even competing, please email us at CraftingCon (at) gmail (dot) com. We’re working hard to keep the smaller and newer blogs involved, so don’t be afraid to ask! We’re also working on lists of tutorials for each theme, so if you have something that fits, send us that, too. And if you’re interested in supplying a prize (one of your patterns, a credit to your shop, lovely yardage, etc) let us know – we’d love to work with you!

Tasha’s been working on some fantastic graphics for us and Maegen’s brother is doing the cutest character drawings for a banner. Feel free to put these graphic on your sidebar, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, wherever! We just want the word out (please link back to one of our blogs) and we need your help!

CraftingCon Announced! {{ and}}

CraftingCon Announced! {{ and}}

We’re going to have an awesome and fun time sewing for the things we’re fans of and can’t wait to see what everyone does – I know I’m planning on sewing for pretty much every month :)

May the Fourth be with you!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Apparently, I live in the geekiest state in the USA (WA, probably due to microsoft influence) so I look forward to following this series. Sounds fun!

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