Pirate’s Treasure Wallet Blog Tour and Giveaway

Welcome to day 6 of Fabulous Home Sewn’s┬áPirate’s Wallet Blog Tour! Not only is this tour featuring this really great wallet but you can also see the super fabulous Perfect Petal Purse! I took this opportunity to make Mr. M a birthday wallet! Wednesday he turned 4! When I heard about the wallet I wanted to make him a Jake and the Neverland Pirate’s wallet and sought out for the fabric. I brought Mr. M for his opinion because let me tell you, at 4 he is VERY opinionated! As I pulled out every bit of Jake fabric I could find I was met with an icky face and Mr. M telling me, “mom Jake is for little guys and babies. I’m a big kid!” Well there went that idea! So I let him pick out the fabric. He chose Transformers! Of course he did! ha ha He wanted yellow to go with it because, “it is just like bumblebee!!!!”


Do you know how hard it was to sew this wallet up with mister curious trying to poke his nose in and see what momma is making with his fabric!?!? But in reality this pattern was super easy and will be a go to for us for a long time!

Pirate's Treasure Wallet Blog Tour and Giveaway

Pirate's Treasure Wallet Blog Tour and Giveaway

Pirate's Treasure Wallet Blog Tour and Giveaway

And now you can enjoy some of the pictures of Mr. M getting his super cool new wallet after his birthday lunch!



He got one dollar for every year old he is.


He was so excited for “all this money” as he opened the wallet!


The cheesiest smile ever!!! He just really wanted to take out his money and keep counting it, so this was the face I got! Anyone who knows Mr. M knows this is a typical face for him! That and I’m pretty sure he could see through the plastic bag that had his other gift in it and really wanted that new toy. (disclaimer, yes I said plastic bag. Wrapping presents for children under the age of 5 is only extra chores for a mother…in my opinion)

And if all that cuteness wasn’t the most fun, you can win this pattern or the Perfect Petal Purse! After you check out the others on the blog tour head down to the bottom to enter!

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  1. JessiBerry says:

    Love the wallet! It would probably be my favorite. Since little man started earning commission for chores I guess this would be a perfect gift for him! Love the dollar for each age idea! That’s great! Thanks for sharing!

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