Pint Sized Plaid

I have tons and tons of plaid fabric in my collection, so when I heard this weeks sew along with Project Run and Play¬†was “Mad for Plaid” I was excited. Now the big decisions were what to make and which fabric to use! So I made two things… both for my little Princess… mainly because her big brother refuses to be in pictures anymore and she is too little to care! Ha!

So the first thing I made was a simple little circle skirt with a matching headband in this super cute girly plaid I have.


P.S. I absolutely love stretch lace, it is so fantastic to get it by the yard. My little Princess was born early and has the tiniest head so newborn headbands are still too big for her. Now I can make my own headbands for her and they can match whatever I make her!

Ok moving on back to plaid….

The next thing I made were these super cute baby yoga pants!yogapantscollage

I just traced out a pair of pants that fit her now for the pattern. Then I took some knit that I had and cut it to match the waist on the pants. Sewed it on the top and she has some super cute plaid yoga pants! I had extra fabric so I decided to cut the bottom off of a onesie and make a bias tape like hem on the shirt!

Here is my little assistant while I was busy working away on her goodies…sewingassistant

And her brother organizing my pins! The only way I can get a picture of him!


Stop by later to see what new things Amy and I are up too! :)

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