Pink and Gold Bridal Shower

Since one shower this month clearly was not enough for me, I decided to help throw my newest almost-cousin-in-law a bridal shower:


That’s her on the bottom right – Hi Holly! – and she already looks like part of the family!

The thing that saved my sanity was that I was able to reuse a lot of the decorations from Tasha’s shower – thoughtful of her to have a girl, right?


The cupcake buntings were super easy to make and added such a cute little touch. We had gluten free vanilla cupcakes, a white cake, and a chocolate cake, both filled with raspberries and all frosted with The Most Amazing White Chocolate Buttercream I Have Ever Tasted! I actually had to kick my mom out of the kitchen so she didn’t take a spoon to it!


We also had Neiman Marcus dip – which is so tasty and the easiest thing ever! – chocolate dipped strawberries with gold food spray paint, chocolate and rose truffle spoons, and a veggie tray with dips.


I had to add in that picture of the dip because it has two of my favorite party ideas. One is to hollow out a bell pepper and serve the dip in there. That makes it super easy to clean up! The other is to use paper – wrapping or wall – on the tables, put a little piece of washi tape near the item that people might not recognize offhand, and write what it is underneath. That way you can actually enjoy the food, too, instead of explaining to everyone what it is!


I’m inordinately proud of the princess kissing the frog. It’s actually a Silhouette shape, but I totally forgot to cut it out before leaving for Seattle, so an hour before the shower started, I pulled it up on my phone and free-handed it! I even managed to cut her out without chopping off anything important :)


We played that question game where I asked the groom twenty things and he told me the answers. Then Holly had to guess what he said – for every one she got wrong, she had to chew a piece of Double Bubble. I also made handouts with all the questions and spaces for people to write what they thought the answers were and if they thought Holly would get it right. The person with the most points got a prize, of course. I forgot to take pictures of them, but I had two gift bags – one said “From Our Shower to Your” (bet you can’t guess what was in that!), and the other said “These are a Few of Our Favorite Things”. We also had a table with scrapbooking supplies so everyone could make an empty page so she can just add in the pictures after the wedding without having to take the time to make her own! Someone did that for me for my wedding and it was probably one of my favorite gifts so now I do it at all the bridal showers I’m involved in.

I’m so excited that I was able to do such a fun shower for Holly. She’s pretty amazing and will be tons of fun to have in the family – at least when they’re around! Chris (her future husband) is the executive director for WAVS which is a vocational school in Guinea-Bissau, so he divides his time between the States and  Africa. Holly will be joining him in that and will be helping to make people’s lives better. Doesn’t get much better than that!


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