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Another week, another Doctor Who post! Today we have Roxanne sharing her (totally adorable!) interpretation of everyone’s favorite scoundrel!

This year, we have decided to add a sew along instead of just a linky party. We’re running it in our Facebook CraftingCon group and is open to anyone who wants to join in (and if you don’t like this month’s theme, you’re more then welcome to join now and play along with a future theme!). Scroll to the end of the post for the link up.

Hello! I’m Roxanne, the “Rox” in Pen, Seb & Rox. I’ve been geekily following along with CraftingCon since its conception but it was not until the announcement of the Doctor Who theme I finally decided to join in. The Doctor and me go way back to my cable-free childhood during the 1980’s and catching the program on PBS, how could I resist? With such a long running series that has so many great elements it was inevitable that my brain would be bursting with ideas. Eventually I narrowed it down to an ensemble inspired by Captain Jack Harkness.

What can I say about Captain Jack Harkness? He is a 51st century man, time agent, con-man, leader of Torchwood and may one day become a disembodied tentacled head in a jar. As a companion of the Doctor, Jack appeared in only a few episodes but with his swagger and charm he is a character that won’t be soon forgotten. My son is something of a roguish adventurer so a dashing Captain Jack inspired ensemble for my little man of action seemed like the perfect fit.

The gray-blue Royal Air Force greatcoat that Jack wears is arguably the most iconic piece to his outfit. John Barrowman, the actor who plays the character, really rocks the coat and instead of directly imitating the piece I wanted to create something that my son could wear with the same confident swagger with a few familiar elements and a few fun elements thrown in.

For the coat pattern I choose My Little Plum Cake’s Canaan Blazer. I thought the design was a good blend of the more formal elements of the inspiration coat and had the right elements to make it a GREAT coat (harhar) for my son. For the material I choose a dark blue lightweight denim with a hint of gray inspired by Jack’s own coat and two space themed prints inspired by his adventures. In order to make the coat a bit more winter-friendly I added a flannel interlining. The coat is topped off with a series of brass buttons inspired by military buttons.

Using See Kate Sew’s Surfer Slacks for the pattern, it only seemed fitting to carry some of the elements from the coat to the pants. For the t-shirt I used the Recess Raglan for the pattern also by See Kate Sew.

With winter here I thought it would be great to tie Jack’s other incarnation, the Face of Boe, into hat and scarf combo. The combo made from polar fleece features “tentacles” topped off with blue pompoms.

Just don’t make your 4 year-old a vortex manipulator of his very own!

OH Roxanne, you are going to have your hands full with that little heartthrob! And the outfit is just perfect!

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