Not all that Glitters is Gold

The second I saw this week’s PR&P theme (All that Glitters – I had to sneak in the Tolkien reference, right? ;), I knew I had to sew something for one of my boys! Who says boys can’t rock the glitter?? Since John is in school full-time, Tim has been doing a lot of modeling for me and loving it, so he keeps drawing the short straw.

Not all that Glitters - Friends Stitched TogetherThe sweatshirt is a prototype of a pattern I’m working on. It needs some tweaking, but I like how it’s looking so far.

Not all that Glitters - Friends Stitched TogetherOne shoulder is normal, but for the left, the back wraps around to the front and they meet at a zipper. I drew the waving robot, then went over it with dark metallic paint. The heart is actually a piece of plastic mirror that I sewed on!

Not all that Glitters - Friends Stitched TogetherI promise the mirror is not enhanced or anything, it really is that shiny! AND! Check out that welt pocket!!! I was playing around with just getting the text lined up for the welt – obviously the sewing gods were smiling on me cause I wasn’t paying attention to the actual words!

Not all that Glitters - Friends Stitched TogetherThe pocket is actually a through-and-through pocket – would that still be considered a kangaroo pocket? Tim doesn’t really “get” the concept yet – Gramma gave him a couple pieces of candy and he would put them in one side and then reach through with his other hand, take them out, and yell “More!!” When he took the sweater off, I put the candy in his pants pocket but he kept checking the sweater pocket for more and was so disappointed his magic pocket didn’t work any more.

Not all that Glitters - Friends Stitched TogetherThe collar is asymmetrical – it’s higher at the buttonhole side and lower on the button side. When it’s buttoned, it gives a nice slouchy look that I love. The collar extends over the zipper shield so everything is covered and nothing is scratchy at the neck.

Not all that Glitters - Friends Stitched Together

Hello again, pretty welt!

The pants are the Just Chillin Sweats – I recommend them to people a lot (which always feels a little weird since it’s my pattern…), but it’s because I make them all the time! Tim lives in them! This is the longer length version, so they’ll probably fit him for a few years. Good thing, since it’s warming up and I lined them with gold sweatshirt fleece. The outer layer is metallic bronze pleather (I just finished a pair of leggings in this for myself and they’re the coolest!).

Not all that Glitters - Friends Stitched TogetherI’d say he’s pulling off the glitter and shimmer look just fine!


    • Amy and Tasha says:

      I think my favorite parts of any garment are the places almost no one else will ever see! It makes me weirdly happy ;D

  1. Starly says:

    This outfit is sooo epic! You have been on a roll lately! Those pants are just amazing and the fabric on the inside of that zip open collar is just perfection!

    • Amy and Tasha says:

      Thanks lady! I really wanted to get back to blogging this year – for some reason, 7 posts in 3 weeks sounded like a good idea a month ago… LOL!

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