No More Cooties Mocassins

No More Cooties Boy Moccasins

I’ve been trying to find some moccasins for the boy (guess what he’s going to be for Halloween? Daddy’s half American Indian so we’re allowed!). Of course, WalMart only has super girly ones and I didn’t want to order them online in case they didn’t fit. But after looking at the WalMart ones, I decided they should be easy to de-cootie! And they were! And it only took one nap time! Ready to see how I did it?


The first thing is to start cutting off all that pink girlyness. The top leather strap was sewn into the zipper seam, so I just cut it close. I had to cover that strip of pink by the zipper anyway so I left it like that. Then you unpick and seam rip off all the ribbons and embellishments.


Which gives you this. I considered leaving it at that because they are going to be on his feet and no one is going to get close enough to see the little holes, but I would know they’re there and they would bug me!


So I turned the embroidery holes into slits with a sharp pair of scissors, put some ribbon on a safety pin, and threaded it on through.


I trimmed the ends and hot glued them down by the zipper.┬áThen I cut four 3″ pieces of 1/2″ ribbon. Folded one raw end under and hot glued them in half lengthwise.


I glued them down close enough to the zipper to hide the pink and the raw edges of my ribbon. You have to be really careful to not get any glue by the zipper teeth, otherwise it won’t zip up! Ask me how I know… Fortunately, you can use a pair of small, sharp scissors to cut away any extra glue once it cools down.


I angled the ends on the inside away from the zipper so they wouldn’t get in the way.


And that’s it! Quick and easy, and even no-sew! I thought about adding some kind of embellishment on the side where the pink flower was, but didn’t want them to be over done – plus nap time was over :)

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