Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh and Edwardian England

You may have read that title and said, “Wait – what?” Tasha and I are involved with the Mystery Challenge, set up by our friend Stephanie from You can read the full details there.  Basically we were each paired with a different blogger and given a sewing challenge. Tasha’s partner is Irene from Sugaridoo and she gave Tasha “Fruity Fresh” (check out the Willy Wonka Challenge Tasha gave her!). Amy’s partner is Meirel of Create3.5 and she gave Amy “Edwardian England” (you can see why further down – be sure to check out Meriel’s Circle Challenge!). This post got long so we split it into two: You can see Tasha’s here.

Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh and Edwardian England {{}}

Edwardian England – Amy

Meriel first gave me the challenge of the 1930’s era. I really liked the idea until I realized I had seen all the inspiration pictures I was looking at before – and then I remembered I had just done a 1920’s look in January! So I asked if I could have a different challenge and Meriel graciously agreed. She threw out a couple different eras and said “I didn’t want to give you something horrible like Edwardian England or anything!” Pride and Prejudice (the mini-series, not the new movie) is one of my absolute favorite shows, so I immediately said “Challenge accepted!”  Now technically P&P is set during the Regency Period, but men’s fashion takes a while to change, and the looks are pretty similar, so I’m totally counting it :) Edwardian England Challenge {{}} I knew I had to sew for Timmy, because what could be cuter than a baby in a waistcoat? With tails, no less? Here is a picture of the look I was going for (The Bingleys and Darceys on their wedding day): waistcoat; vest (sometimes striped, sometimes plain); a white collared shirt; loose, linen pants (they are often seen in knee breeches, but that’s just a little impractical :P). Mystery Challenge: Edwardian England Challenge {{}} I used the Lily Knit Blazer (affiliate link), modified by adding tails, a wider collar, and using twill instead of knit. It’s lined in a chevron cotton from Joann. Edwardian England Challenge {{}} It has fake welt pockets on the front, three buttons to close, and two buttons on the back above the tails. I also shortened the front to get that waistcoat length. Edwardian England Challenge {{}} The pants are the Sailor Shorts (affiliate link), lengthened into pants. Edwardian England Challenge {{}} They are linen with orange bias tape (because he is still a baby and can’t be boring!) and blue buttons. I added a little watch fob – which is just a flat disc from the jewelry section. I intended to cut that off after the pictures, but Tim loves playing with it and it actually makes a great little bell as he’s crawling around so he’s easier to keep track of :) These are perfect summer pants as they protect his knees but are light enough that he won’t overheat – I actually have more sitting on my sewing stack right now! Edwardian England Challenge {{}} The vest started as the Vintage Vee Neck. I used the 18 month size (he wears a 9-12) because I wasn’t using knits. I used an upholstery sample piece, added a little stand up collar, split the front, fully lined it with with gray satin, and added KAM snaps.

Edwardian England Challenge {{}}

This picture will be going up on my wall!

I don’t usually care for vests, but I think it actually turned out to be one of my favorite pieces of the whole outfit! The shirt is the Anytime At All Tee. I added a snap placket and a collar both out of woven. I also added little vents to the sides because it’s still a little long.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the shirt until we were outside playing bubbles!

I completely forgot to take pictures of the shirt until we were outside playing bubbles!

I hope you enjoyed my take on Edwardian England as much as I enjoyed sewing it! And Timmy now has a nice little jacket to wear for Easter :) Thanks for the challenge, Meriel! Edwardian England Challenge {{}}

Like his little vampire teeth? He has two on the bottom front and his canines. My milks (as the two year old delicately puts it) are not happy…

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    I can’t even handle this — look at what you made!! Holy cow. I think my pants with the orange binding and key fob are my favorite. Please share this around in the FB sewing groups, because I know other boy mamas want to see it!! Awesome job.

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