Mustache shirt

I picked up the newest Pattern Anthology set when all four were on sale. I tested the W Pants, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong and I was right!

The Recess Raglan has become one of my total favorites and I’ve already made it five or so times. It’s the perfect nap time project since it literally takes like twenty minutes to cut and sew.

This is what I get when I ask for a smile these days.

Seriously, I don’t know how he turned into such a ham!

This is his other favorite look. “Hello ladies…”

I made a 2T size which fits perfectly now. It’s supposed to be a slim fit, but since I like his shirts just a little looser I may size up to the 3 from now on. The mustache print is from Girl Charlee. I am so in love with the pile of fabric I got from them! Tasha’s comment was “What? Did the angels of softness wash this in heaven or something?” Which pretty much sums it up…

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