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Today we have Teri sharing how she made her little cutie a Thor inspired tee! You can see Stacey’s competition look here and don’t forget to scroll down to the end of this post for the giveaway and link party. You can also sign up here to be involved next season!

We have also opened up the link party – now you can add projects inspired by any superhero, not just the Avengers!

Hi, I’m Teri, I blog over at Climbing the Willow, and I’m excited to be posting here today!  But before I go any further, I have a confession to make.  I’m supposed to write all about my reasons for sewing geeky/nerdy clothes for my kids, but the truth is I’ve never sewn a geeky piece of clothing in my life!  Don’t get me wrong, we wear plenty of it in our house (it’s like geek central around here) but for some reason I’ve never sewn anything, not even one single stitch, that could be considered geeky.  My husband made himself a Klingon mask for Halloween one year with all of the hair sewn by hand, which means he has actually sewn more geeky stuff than I have.  And there is no way on earth (or Kronos) that I can let him beat me in anything that is remotely related to sewing ;)

I don’t know much about the Avengers (although I have watched the movie a couple of times with my kids) but I at least know the main characters.  And I will be the first to admit that this is an incredibly loose interpretation of Thor, but it turns out that none of the other Avengers wear a cape, and what can I say, I really wanted to make Mae a cape :)  So Thor became my inspiration due solely to lack of competition!

This look is really easy to duplicate.  I drew up my own basic t-shirt pattern based on a shirt that fits Mae well, but you could use any slim fitting t-shirt pattern as a starting point.  I recommend this one (basic version without ruffles or pocket) or this one (basic or color blocked version) if you do not already have a go to t-shirt pattern.  Once you choose a pattern, use the back pattern piece to create the shape of the top of the cape and just draw a basic cape shape (in other words whatever shape and length you want) for the bottom.  Then treat the cape and the back of the shirt as one piece when sewing the shoulders together and attaching the neck binding. Finally, finish the shirt by following the pattern instructions.

I chose to keep Mae’s cape simple (like Thor’s) by making it out of a solid jersey
knit, but it would be really easy to add an applique as well.  Just a tip: for this type of cape, where it is sewn directly into the neckline of the shirt, make sure to use a fabric with appropriate stretch (as determined by your pattern) or the finished top will not fit over your child’s head.

This is my favorite type of cape for a toddler since it does not tie
around the neck and has little risk of becoming entangled in anything.
Super hero or not, I want to keep my little Mae safe!

I had no idea whether or not Mae would like her cape, but it turns out
she loves it!  She was even able to conquer all the evil trees lurking in our backyard with her mighty stick while wearing her Thor cape!  She actually ran around for almost an hour telling me to take her
picture, which is unheard of since she normally runs away from the camera, and then I practically had to pry the thing off of her to go to
bed that night :)

We had a great time running around, but eventually a certain little Thor heard her bed calling (apparently one of Thor’s super powers is exceptional hearing) and retired for the night.  But don’t worry, she will be back to fight those trees another day!

How cute is that? I love a good caped shirt :)

This month, Maegen and I will be making Avengers tee shirts for the giveaway winners! There will be two winners and we’ll coordinate sizes (3 months – 14) once they have been chosen.

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Rules for the link up: Enter anything fiber-related and Superhero-themed from the past year. There is no limit to how many posts you can link up, but adding more won’t increase your chances of winning – in other words, you can enter fifteen looks, but will only be entered to win once. The contestants for this month are allowed to enter anything they’ve done that’s Avengers related, but are not eligible to win – however, our guest posters can enter their posts and are eligible to win. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all made!

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