Martha Bubble Wrap Dress

I just realized that in the busyness of the holidays, I forgot to show off my test of Shwin&Shwin’s Bubble Dress!

Martha Bubble Wrap Dress

Skeptical much, buddy?

I am going to be in sooo much trouble for posting these pics from Daddy…

I think John’s officially lost that could-be-a-girl-or-boy baby look!


He was also not thrilled that he was wearing a “pretty”.


But then he got into flirting :)

And I’m happy I got to do some girly sewing! Orange and blue is one of my favorite color combos (they were my wedding colors!)


and this silky, satiny stuff was a dream to sew with, even though I was expecting it to be a bear.


It’s great how Shauna combined the wrap and the bubble and actually got it to work – I’m pretty impressed :) As with all her patterns, the fit is just right. It’s a fairly quick sew – it took me maybe a couple hours. And most of that was gathering the top of the skirt, the bottom of the skirt, and the lining. Eighty-seven inches is a lot to gather that many times! This is definitely a pattern I would recommend – I’m trying to think of just how many little girls I can sew it for!

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