Mad for Plaid

Plaid pants

Yes, my child is odd. I know

Have I mentioned how much I love Michael Miller? I never really bothered with designer prints (waay to expensive) until I discovered these ones. This plaid from the Dinos Roar line is no exception!

Plaid Pants

I used the Big Butt Baby Pants by Rae Hoekstra so they have the cute little butt panel in the back.

Plaid Pants

I added a cargo pocket to the side of John’s for all his little treasures, but as we all know, trying to get a two year old to hold still for pics is not really possible! The plaid is actually set at an angle, so the pocket is really cut on the bias.

Plaid Pants

I also added a cuff to the bottoms.

Plaid Pants

I was going for coordinating, but not matchy-matchy.

And yes, those are the candy-themed shirts from last week. I figured since everyone was clean and in a good mood, I better get all the pictures in I could!

This is one of those fabrics I had sitting in my stash for forever just waiting for the perfect project and I definitely think this is it! Little boys in plaid jammie pants are the cutest :)



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