Hunger Games with Lulu & Celeste

How is it the fourth week of November already? Yikes! We have two adorable little Effie looks for you today – Amanda is sharing hers over on Mae&K :)

Hi! Ula here from Lulu & Celeste. I’m so excited to be a part of Crafting Con! I signed up ages ago and it took me forever to finally decide on the look I wanted to do. I kept changing my mind and finally settled on doing an Effie look. I LOVE Effie’s butterfly dress so that is the look I decided on.

It took me awhile to figure out how I was going to make this dress. After deciding I would use butterfly fabric for the dress (who has time to make hundreds of butterflies?), I had to work out the shape. The bodice is narrow and the skirt poofs out but is stiff and lands above the knee. Since a stiff dress wouldn’t be very fun to play in, and I didn’t want the poof to go all around like a pettiskirt or tulle skirt would give, I realized that a bubble skirt would give the look I wanted.

Problem, I didn’t have any patterns for dresses with bubble skirts in my stash, and couldn’t find a woven one that worked. (I later found a pattern for a knit bubble dress that would have worked, next time!) So I did some pattern mashing! My first pattern mash! Yay!

The bodice I used is a modified Kenzie dress from EYMM (affiliate link). I used the bodice that I had modified to make my holiday version of the Kenzie dress (seen here), and then modified it even further. I cut the 2T width with a 4T length, and then altered the back to make a high back, and then lengthened the bottom of the bodice to her waistline (by comparing the length to another pattern for a sweater I had recently done).

For the skirt I found a pattern in my stash for a drop waist bubble skirt (Leah skirt from Paint My Quilt patterns) and used that. I added a small placket into the back of the skirt since my dress had button back closure all the way down. I did use snaps instead of buttons to help dressing go faster. (She still complained I was taking too long to do up the dress, ha)

I love how the dress turned out. I skipped adding 3D butterflies around the neck because my daughter would not go for that.

I realize that a butterfly dress isn’t exactly everyday wear for most people, but when you’re my 4-year-old daughter, dresses *are* everyday wear. She wears dresses over leggings, and jeans even, when it’s cold out!

The butterfly look wouldn’t be complete without a 3D butterfly hair accessory! You’ll find the tutorial for it later this week on my blog! :)

I hope you all like my look, I had so much fun working on it and my daughter loves it!

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Just adorable! I think this is perfectly wearable – in fact, I have a niece who may need her own butterfly dress!

Rules for the link up: Enter any Hunger Games inspired outfit made in the last year! There is no limit to how many posts you can link up, but adding more won’t increase your chances of winning – in other words, you can enter fifteen looks, but will only be entered to win once. The contestants for this month are allowed to enter anything they’ve done that fits the theme, but are not eligible to win – however, our guest posters can enter their posts and are eligible to win. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all made!


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