Little Princess Baby Shower

This is why I haven’t been posting lately:


Phew! It was a lot more work than it looks like!


Tasha’s getting close to having that little princess so we had a name reveal shower! When everyone got to my place, we played “Name that Baby”. Everyone had to come up with names for A-Z, paying special attention to B and L. There was a prize for the first person to come up with all 26 and then I had everyone read out their B and L names. And people actually guessed the right ones! And now everyone can know that we’re getting ready to meet Princess Brooke LeeAnn! And after everyone knew, I could put out the last cupcake bunting:


(It was really hard to get a picture without the darn thing flipping around!) The cupcakes were cherry and I had tried a mascarpone frosting – except I forgot to try it before hand and it ended up pretty soupy – yummy though!


And here’s the pretty Queen Mum herself!


This is one of my favorite onesies that she got. It says “It’s simple: I’m a princess, Mommy is a queen, and Daddy is around here somewhere”. Ha!

We also decorated our own onesies. I set out fabric markers and glue, lace trims, and some bits and pieces of fabric that had heavy duty heat’n’bond on the back. It was so fun seeing everyone’s different take!


I love the one that Tasha’s niece made – it says “My daddy is my knight in shining armor”. And I just had to show the one I made that says “Future Mrs Macdonald”. It’s been a running joke with us that my Tim and her Brooke are going to be married someday :) And then I did a little hippo. Do you know how hard it is to draw a hippo free hand? After drawing what looked like a pig and then a bear, I had to Google hippos so I could remember what they look like!

It was such a blast and we cannot wait til we get to see the little princess! It could be any day now, which is bad for Tasha (she’s only 35 weeks!), but so exciting for the rest of us!

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