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This round of Mystery Challenges was a hoot! You may remember a couple months back Amy and I did one (if not take a look here!) I was challenged by Alicia from Felt With Love Designs. Right now her daughter is in love with My Little Pony, and I loved the challenge! Princess B isn’t really old enough to tell me what she likes and dislikes… although she does have not so subtle ways of letting me know she is starting to (stomping on things she doesn’t like while hollering no no no… you will see later) When I started looking up My Little Pony fabric I was taken aback at how much it has changed since I was a young lady (which wasn’t very long ago ahem). I wasn’t really excited about any of the new stuff so I went in search of the stuff I grew up with.


I have had this idea for a high/low vest for a while so there was my base for this challenge. Because the summer is winding down I wanted it to be a hooded vest. I debated about making it a zip up or a buttoned vest and in the end left it be, simply because I still couldn’t decide! After not much luck with finding the fabric I liked I found some super cute iron on fabric decals. I used two on the back, one on the front lapel and one on the matching purse! But I couldn’t make just any hooded vest, this needed to be a notch above the normal… insert My Little Pony waving her wonderfully colored mane right now and then a light bulb above your head… I needed to add pony hair to the hood!!

Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}




Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}


I have made a tutorial for how to add pony hair to any hood, but you will have to wait for that because it will be a guest post somewhere exciting soon! I must say though, the whole time I was making the pony hair and sewing it in I couldn’t stop singing that “I whip my hair back and forth” song from Will Smith’s daughter! It made me wish so much that Princess B was a little older and would actually run with the hood on or even whip her “pony” hair back and forth! :)

Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}

Unfortunately I think I was more excited for this challenge than Princess B was! She hated the hood being up and only wanted to put the pony hair in her mouth… we are still teething! The purse was more of an inconvenience for her than anything… that is until I put the camera away and then she was carrying it around the house putting toys in it, modeling it like it was a paid job!

Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}

I’m no superstar embroiderer (not gonna lie when I was typing out embroiderer I was for sure thinking it wasn’t a real word and the spell check would catch it and yell at me like it does when I create other random words!) but I thought the iron on decal’s needed something else to them so I did my best on the outlines! :)

Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}  Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}



For the purse I cut out a simple square out of the extra knit I used for the lining of the vest. The inside is the dancewear sparkled fabric I used for the outside of the vest. The day I went to JoAnn’s I bought so much fabric for this outfit because I couldn’t decide on combinations… I guess I can make me a hooded pony vest with all the extra’s! And I digress, back to the purse. The handle is just a 4 strand braid sewn in. Using the same tutorial for the pony hair I added fringe to the bottom of her purse.

Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}


This may not be saturated in My Little Pony but I am super happy with how it all came out, and thankfully I made it big enough that WHEN Princess B comes around to enjoying her pony vest, it will fit!

Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}

And it wouldn’t be a proper photo shoot with out Princess B having her Diva moment now would it… Apparently she was booking other shoots with more “professional” photographers!

Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}

Remember me mentioning early that she will stomp on something she doesn’t like… photo proof!

Mystery Challenge: My Little Pony {{Friends Stitched Together}}



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  1. Alicia @ Felt With Love Designs says:

    Ahh!! Love it!! My daughter hated hoods at that age too but loves them now! She would love the mane on the hood you made! I can’t wait to see your tutorial. I might try making one for her.

    I also LOVE that you used the old My Little Ponies!! I, too, was shocked when I saw the new ones.

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