Little Black Dress


I have to say – I was almost more excited for Project Sewn than for Project Run & Play this season! I missed Season 1 so I’m determined to sew along with this season. First up is the Little Black Dress.


I’ve never actually owned an LBD – mainly cause I have a hard time NOT doing color. But I found this floral embroidered linen-y stuff at Joann’s that was just calling my name AND I’m in the middle of testing the extended sizes of the Rose Tee so things lined up perfectly.

I pretty much just lengthened the tee and added an underarm zipper since it didn’t have any stretch – you can see the flash of blue under my arm in the above picture. I also drafted in a lace yoke in the back.


You can sort of see the bright blue I used to topstitch to match that blue zipper.

I used the Skinny Jeans pattern by Sew Liberated to make the leggings out of a stretch lace also from Joann’s. I’m still working on getting the fit just right out of denim, but the lace was stretchy enough I could just take it in a bunch around the knees and calves to get the tighter fit.


I got my husband to take the pics even though I accidentally told him that he isn’t very good at taking creative ones. You know how the iPhone puts the last person you texted at the top of the list? Yeah, that’s usually Tasha’s spot. Or Mom’s. Ha, not this time. Whoops. So he complained the whole time but did put up with me long enough to get these :)

Also a photobomb by Oliver. He was our first “baby” and had dealt with the fact he’s not the center of our pics now, but he still manages to get in every now and then.


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  1. Kristi Andres says:

    Looks great! I like the pattern on the black. And you’re so brave I haven’t sewn with stretch lace yet. But I’ve been thinking about it. Perhaps I’ll have to give it a try. :)

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