Lining the Hangout Hoodie Hood

This is the Hoodie I made this morning (Now that I’ve made peace with the placket, they’re super easy!). And I apologize for the weird lighting in these pics. My camera was having a hard time with the black against my light cutting table!


I thought I’d show you the easy way I added a lining to the hood.

In addition to your main hood, cut two pieces out of a lining. You can use a knit – I used a woven cause I like the print and wanted that pop of color inside the hood.


I lengthened the front cutout by about an inch since I knew the neckline wouldn’t stretch.


Don’t forget to cut your hood binding a little longer if you do this!

Sew your shoulder seams together and pin on the outer hood to the neckline like usual. Then flip it over and pin the right side of the lining to the wrong side of the neck and sew.


When you flip the hoods up, the neck seam will be inside and the lining will fit (wrong sides together) right inside the hood.


Attach the hood binding as usual, making sure you catch all four layers in your seam (the folded over binding, the hood, and the lining). When you topstitch, the woven edges will be hidden inside, so you don’t even need to finish this seam. I went ahead and used a straight stitch for all this since the lining won’t stretch anyway.


Finish the hoodie like usual and enjoy that fun fabric peeking out!


This is the kind of modelling day we were having, so I didn’t get any of John actually wearing the shirt. I did get some cute toes though…



  1. April @ sewing novice says:

    Thanks!!! So pretty much, you close in the neckline seam with the hood lining. Brilliant and so easy! As soon as I saw your pics, I realized what you were doing and thought that it should have been more obvious to me. LOL Thanks for sharing!

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