Iron Girl Tutorial by Keep Calm and Carrion

Who doesn’t love a good superhero? I know I do! This month is all about the Avengers – and Alyssa has a great tutorial for us for making an every day Iron Girl outfit! You can see Jen’s competition look here and don’t forget to scroll down to the end for the giveaway and link party. You can also sign up here to be involved next season!

I’m actually guest posting myself over on Mabey She Made It with a tutorial for adding an apron with pockets to a dress and it turned out super cute!

Hi! I’m Alyssa from Keep Calm and Carrion and this is actually my second time getting to post something for CraftingCon.  I was really honored to show my geek side off with my post during the opening blog tour.  And I am super excited to be here for Avengers month!  Our household is pretty male heavy, with three boys and poor Inara being the only girl.  That being said, when it comes time for movies she’ll ask for super heroes before princesses.  And we all love the Avengers, right?  But let’s admit it, Black Widow… not that cool of a character, and her outfit, not easily adapted for my 5 year old, right?  So I asked her which Avenger she wanted to be, and Iron Man it was!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pattern: Girl Next Door Dress from Rabbit Rabbit Creations

Why this pattern?  I wanted something great for every day where, with a decent size range (1-12yrs), not a lot of frill (’cause superheros don’t need ruffles!) and sleeve options that would make it great for back to school.

Fabric: Red and Yellow knit fabrics (PurpleSeamstress is my go to for solids), a 4×4 of bluish shiny fabric (I used costume satin) and a 4×4 piece of Wonder Under or Heat Bond.

Notions: thread, ball point needle, double needle (optional for hem), scissors, tape (ugh pattern taping), and pins.

Out of red fabric: bodice front and back, skirt front and back, short sleeves, and cuff pieces (2″ less in length than the bottom line of the long sleeve  and 4″ wide).

Out of yellow fabric: pocket inside, pocket contrast, long sleeve, binding piece

*Fuse Wonder Under/Heat Bond to shiny fabric and cut out a circle from this.  For my size 5 I used a 3.5″ circle.

In order to give this dress a real Iron Man feel without being costume-y, we really need the Arc Reactor.  So take your shiny circle and fuse it to the center of the front bodice piece and finish the edges how you would any applique (I like to do a blanket stitch around the edge).

From here, just follow the pattern until it’s time to connect the sleeves.  Since we are layering the sleeves, you’ll need to make a couple changes here.  First, you’ll want to hem the short sleeve before attaching.  I chose to do my stitching in yellow so that it would stand out against the red.  Once you’ve hemmed the short sleeve, layer it on top of the long sleeve, with the wrong side of the short sleeve to the right side of the yellow and baste along the top within the seam allowance to ensure that the layers don’t slip when you attach.

Attach the sleeves as written in the patten.  Once you’ve attached the sleeve, you’ll finish off the side seams as written, but take care when sewing along the length of the sleeve to ensure that the short sleeves line up at the seam.  Now we’ll add the cuff.  This isn’t necessary, but Iron Man has more red than yellow on his suit, so I think the cuff brings it all together nicely.  Take your cuff pieces and sew along the short edge and fold in half.  Pin to the right side of the sleeve and stretch to fit and sew it on.

After this, you’ll construct the rest of the dress as written.   Then it’s time to bribe your superhero model with some chocolate so that she’ll make awesome poses so you can show off your dress!

She definitely spent a good hour running around fighting invisible bad guys while I made her little brother an Incredible Hulk outfit to go along with hers.  He’s not quite a thrilled with picture taking lately, but the two of them are some serious crime fighters.  A huge thank you to the hosts for allowing me to post my tutorial here for you all, and I hope that all of you with little superheroes get some good use of it!

What an adorable Iron Girl! I’m pretty sure I know of a girl or two who needs one of these :) Thanks for sharing with us, Alyssa!

This month, Maegen and I will be making Avengers tee shirts for the giveaway winners! There will be two winners and we’ll coordinate sizes (3 months – 14) once they have been chosen.

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  1. Jonie Brooks says:

    Hmmmm…that is a tough one. It’s hard to decide between Iron Man and The Hulk. I have been a Hulk fan since WAAAAYYYYYY back in the day (except when he actually turned into Hulk, that scarred me). Oh but Iron Man is played by Robert Downey Jr, I mean come on Robert Downey Jr. Need I say more?
    I just love this dress, Gracie demanded that I make her one immediately. :)

  2. Amy and Tasha says:

    I kinda want one of these for myself! Although it might have to be Captain themed – RDJ is yummy, but the Cap is yummier! :)

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