Hunger Games Winners

What a way to end our first season of CraftingCon! It has been such a ride and I can’t even begin to say how much every single contestant and guest poster from the past six (six!) months has impressed me! We already have almost every spot filled for the next six months, so don’t expect things to be slowing down at all ;) There is more info about the future of CraftingCon at the end of the post.

Without further ado, we have added up the points from our lovely judges (next month’s competitors), and the odds were clearly in Chelsea‘s favor this month!


Effie and her mom won a $30 gift card to our sponsor Fabric Worm – can I just say, I’m a little jealous….


And in a close second place, we have Tisha with her Katniss looks (remember? There were three!).


Tisha gets a $25 gift card to another of our favorite sponsors, Fat Quarter Shop.


And for our honorable mention (since in our arena, everyone survives…) we had Nap Time Creations share a look based on Gale:


and Lulu & Celeste with her Effie Butterfly Dress:


I truly wish I had prizes for everyone who has played along with us and helped to make our little competition as much fun as it has been!

Oh wait – I do have one more! The Fairy Dustbin had some fun with Peeta- and Finnick-based outfits and they turned out adorable – you’d never know she’s a newly-won-over Hunger Games fan! She added her post to our link up and has won one pattern of her choice from each of these designers: Jennuine Designs, Muse of the Morning, and Elegance&Elephants – lucky lady! Be sure and check out her outfits and leave her some love :)

As for Season 2, here are our chosen themes:

December: Lord of the Rings (including The Hobbit, and any of the movies and books)
January: Doctor Who (classic or new)
February: Mario (any version ever!)
March: Once Upon a Time (this one is wiiiide open)
April: Disney (NOT princesses, since we just had that as a theme)
May: Board Games

For those who may be new to CraftingCon, here’s a quick run-down of the series: we asked for our competitors to sew/knit/crochet practical, themed outfits for their kids – specifically, no costumes (except in October, of course!). This certainly doesn’t limit the imagination, though! Things like capes, hats with ears, accessories, masks, and props are all allowed. Our guest posters have a little more leeway, in that they can be less practical or share crafts and activities. We also have a sew along every month (if you want to join in the sew along, we’re running it in our Facebook group!) and have had some pretty incredible entries! I’d love to know if you plan to sew along this season, and if so, which is your favorite month!

We’re more organized this time around and have figured out a lot of the things that don’t work and the things that do, so we’re hoping things will run smoother now. We are planning on taking a break after May – as much fun as this has been, it’s a lot of work! We’ll be taking a couple months off, but as long as there is interest in CraftingCon, we will keep it going some way or another. There may even be a dedicated blog in the works ;)

Thanks so much to everyone who has played along with us so far and had fun sewing their geeky side!

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