Happy Happy Birthday… Part one

So Today is Tasha’s birthday… YAY!!! In just a  few short days is Amy’s birthday too!!

WHAAATTT?!?!?!? I heard you say it. Yes, these crazy friends have kids the same age, so much in common that they could be twinsies and then you find out their birthdays are a couple days apart. We were pleasantly surprised as well!! It is scary getting closer to 30, but thankfully we still have like 6 more years… cough cough… or at least that is what we are telling everyone!

So for my birthday (Tasha speaking here) I have decided to do a giveaway!!

I have just finished all the twerks… no not the Miley Cyrus kind… the sewing kind… out of making this pattern and have made one to show you!!


This is my D.W. Carry Along. the D.W. stands for diapers and wipes. I know super creative right?!

I have probably about 6 already cut out and pieced together on my sewing table but I also have a 2 1/2 month old that has decided now is a good time to cut teeth… yeah, so I’m just happy that I have the pattern finished and one completed by today for you!

Check out the pictures below!




They are roomy enough to fit the bigger packs of wipes you can get at Costco. I prefer these types of wipes than the skinny little white huggies ones personally, but that is because I have two little ones and would have to be refilling that sucker every other day! And the little handle on the side is great for a quick swoop and run. Any mom knows what that is like in public, when they smell that certain smell in the middle of grocery shopping and don’t want to have to lug the whole diaper bag into that tiny little stall and change a stinky diaper!

Below is how you can enter to win your choice of the pdf pattern so you can make your own, or if you aren’t so handy with a sewing machine you can snag this very one that is featured here today! Both the pattern and the carry alongs will be up on my etsy shop after the giveaway…. which will end on AMY’S BIRTHDAY!!!

Click HERE to enter!!!
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