Happy Halloween

I had every intention on making both kids Halloween costumes this year… But I’m just happy that I was even able to dress them this week!! Haha

Instead I promised that I will make super cute Christmas outfits and then I went down to the local Walmart and let Mr. M pick out whatever he wanted… so he has decided to be bumblebee from transformers who is also a ninja… hence the ninja dagger in the picture!


Princess is still to young to decide for herself so her gaga (grandma) bought her this little outfit right after she was born!! She knows me so well!IMG_1980
My precious little cheetah!!!

Amy’s family are all Indians! She even made most of their outfits!IMG_1982
Here is little bean!! Not so little anymore but totally stinking cute! She used the Hangout Hoodie pattern, the Classic Chinos, and Lil’ Papoose Moccasins  patterns from Peek- a- Boo Patterns!

John didn’t feel like having his picture taken, but his costume is just a larger version of Bean’s!  Only Amy refashioned them from girls to boys! You remember them from the other week? Check it out here if you missed it!

And last but not least, my girl Ranea in my Project Sewn: Era Challenge Dress!


Isn’t she gorgeous?!!?!?! And she pulls off the dress very nicely!!

If you want to know what Amy and I are dressing up as for Halloween you will have to wait until next week… We are dressing up this weekend!!!

I did at the last minute make some kitty ears using Amy’s tutorial, on how she makes spikes for the dino capes! So I guess this is me dressed up in costume for today….


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