Han Solo – the Little Heart Breaker

The SHEs over at That’s What She Crafted are having their own craft-off this week. The winner gets to compete in September for our Princess month! Be sure to check it out and vote for your favorite!

You can see Tim’s Rebel Ewok look here. Now it’s time for John’s Han Solo look! The tent is the Poplar Pup Tent. New to CraftingCon? You can find out more info here – there’s also a sign up sheet if you want to play along!

Han Solo - the Little Heart Breaker {{FriendsStitchedTogether}}

I love this look so much! It’s based on what is probably Han Solo’s most famous look. I knew the things I wanted to add the most were the leather vest, the red stripe, and the gun belt.

Han Solo - the Little Heart Breaker {{FriendsStitchedTogether}}

Did you know you can see better when you make “‘noccers?”

The shirt is the Prepster Pullover, made all in knit, with red KAM snaps for fun. Of course, I left the collar open for these pictures, à la Han Solo :)

Han Solo - the Little Heart Breaker {{FriendsStitchedTogether}}xt

The button is something I came up with because I am a giant nerd and know that the monarchs of Naboo were elected (seriously, they served four year terms – I may have read a Star Wars encyclopedia in my teens…). Han seems like the type to wear a “vintage” button ironically, not knowing it was a picture of his future mother-in-law (it says “Vote for Amidala” with her picture underneath in case it’s too small to see).


For the vest, I started with the Blank Tank pattern and a leather jacket from Goodwill. I love how all the piecing of the original jacket makes it look so much more complicated than it really was! I was inspired by this tutorial by Glitter+Wit to try doing some lettering on it. I used acrylic paint and it turned out great! “I don’t know… fly casual” is one of my favorite of Han’s lines – it’s just so ridiculous.

042teHan Solo - the Little Heart Breaker {{FriendsStitchedTogether}}xt

“But just look at what he’s doing!” I’m pretty sure Tim was over there being naughty…

It was his idea to put the dandelion in his pocket. Those were probably the hardest part of the whole thing – four cargo pockets made from leather! Leather does not like to be folded into small box pleats, let me tell you! I lined the vest with aqua chevrons to keep it fun.

Han Solo - the Little Heart Breaker {{FriendsStitchedTogether}}

The pants are Kudzu Cargoes again. I’d promise to sew a different pattern soon, but honestly, I’ll just go back to the Small Fry Skinnies, so… As I mentioned before, I really wanted the gun belt with that leg strap. However, I don’t really want my three year old having something in his dresser that’s actually called a gun belt. I finally decided to use the color block option and create the illusion of the slanted leg strap. I rather like it!

Han Solo - the Little Heart Breaker {{FriendsStitchedTogether}}xt

I made the Corellian Bloodstripe using bias tape and the method Melissa uses in the Coastal Cargoes (which I used for Tim’s shorts). The back pockets are color blocked as well and I moved the cargo pocket down by his ankle, cause Han’s a badass and that’s where he’d hide his extra pistol, amiright?

I had so much fun with this outfit! And the best part is each piece is practical all by itself, which is the point of CraftingCon, after all. Well, maybe not the vest – I don’t know many three year olds with leather vests… And I’ll definitely be stealing the Amidala pin for myself! I made it using a Mason jar lid – if there’s any interest I’ll do a tutorial, since I already have one planned for next month!

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