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I can’t believe our first season of CraftingCon will be over at the end of this month (don’t worry – we already have next season set up ;) )! We have had such amazing participation and I have loved all the looks everyone has come up with! And, craziest of all, we’ve only have a couple weeks that we haven’t been able to fill a spot – this week being one of them. Four competition posts and four guest posts every month for six months equals forty-eight posts! Whew! I’ve sewn along every month and this month I made John some Peeta Pajamas. It’s in the guest post slot over on Mae&K if you want to see more of the details – and my kid eating bread… (If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, sorry!)

Peeta Pajamas {{Friends Stitched Together}}

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  1. Jonie Brooks says:

    Now I am going to be singing this all day,
    “When I walk out the shop
    This is what I see
    Katniss Everdeen is staring at me
    I got bread in my hands
    And I ain’t afraid to throw it throw it throw it throw it

    I’m Peeta and I know it
    I’m Peeta and I know it”

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