Guess what I made this week…

Guess who decided he needed to come out early? This guy:
Isn’t he cute? His brother thinks so!
He’s fascinated by all those little fingers and toes. He’ll run up to brother and yell “Hi baby!” as loud as he can – and little Tim doesn’t even flinch! He’s such a good sleeper – even with John running around the house and playing with all his loud toys, the munchkin doesn’t seem to care.
John’s a little jealous of the fact that Baby gets a bunch of new stuff, though. And the other day, he ran up to Tim on my lap and goes “Move, Baby” and started climbing on up! Silly boy’s going to need some time to adjust to not being an Only!
So here’s the quick details for those who want to know – I’ll be writing up a longer post later once I’ve processed everything :)
Timothy William Macdonald
Born at home on June 24th – Seven pounds, four ounces, 20.5 inches long, at 37 and a half weeks – good thing he didn’t wait til the full forty! I started contractions at 10:30 in the morning, my water broke at five that evening, and after NINE minutes of pushing, he was out just before eight that night! It was weird to be all done and still have it light out!
I’m feeling great – sooo much better than the first time I shoved out a baby :) I’ve already been out of the house a few times for lunch and to go to Safeway. The biggest problem I’m having is that I want to get into my craft room to finish sewing all the baby stuff I’d planned on getting done this week!
And here’s one more to give you a cuteness fix:
(In a onesie I made for Kid’s Clothes Week this spring – because you can’t get them started on Harry Potter too soon!)
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