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I’m thrilled to be able to share my post for the Greenstyle Focus on Fall Tour! When we got the email inviting us to join in, Tasha and I both signed up right away. We ended up with five different patterns and one spot on the tour, so be prepared for a lot of pictures ;)

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We received the patterns for free (except the Shawl Collar Pullover – I bought that as part of the Boy’s Bundle Up collection) and all the fabric was provided by Riley Blake. All opinions are my own.

There is a giveaway at the end of the post with the schedule of the tour stops. Greenstyle Creations is also offering a 25% discount with the code “25discount” during the tour so be sure to scoop up any patterns that you’ve been eying! There are a lot to choose from! I know I’m planning on picking up the men’s Hudson Hooded Tee Shirt for my husband!

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Timmy has the Shawl Collar Pullover, Brassie Shorts lengthened into pants, and a Pageboy Hat.

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And just look at that face! I love it!

Brooke got a pullover and hat, as well as two skirts – the Savannah and the Lemon Drop, cause a girl can’t have too many, right?

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I sized the pullovers down just a little as the smallest size is a 2T and the kids are in the 18 month range. For Brooke’s, I split the sleeve into two parts and made the top part a bubble sleeve. All the knits have a four way stretch, so I was able to use the stripes vertically on the arms. I really like that it ended up with a layered feel! I also just happened to have the perfect wood elephant buttons in my stash to go with the elephant fabric!

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For Tim’s sleeves, I added a button tab so they can be rolled up. Even though it’s cool here in the mornings, it warms up in the afternoons, so it’s perfect for this weather.

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For Brooke’s Lemon Drop skirt I used this lovely pink stripe knit and paired with with a lime colored sash. Tim’s pants have the lime for the cuffs and waistband, since it’s always a good idea to coordinate with your girlfriend!

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All of the patterns came together really well. And they were fast! I cut all my pieces one day and had everything sewn two days later! In fact I finished both skirts in one hour. For the Savannah Skirt, I used the Navy quatrefoil (this is the only woven fabric I got. All the rest are knits) and banded it with the gray elephants. They’re a little hard to see in the pictures as they are fairly pale, but you can see them here.

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The hats were probably the most difficult of all the patterns. I didn’t understand how the band went together with the crown until I was actually making them – and then it was pretty obvious. I lined them both with coordinating knit fabric.

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To lengthen the shorts, I measured the inseam of similar pattern and extended the legs to that length. I redrew the inseam lines from the crotch to the ankle so they stayed the correct width for the cuffs. There is no outseam, and there are one pants piece, the cuffs, and the waist, so, again, these are a super fast sew. Like, twenty minutes fast. Have you figured out how much I like quick projects yet??

Would you believe these two aren’t even related? Tasha and I have been known to tell people that we’re sisters, but we never expected our youngest to end up looking so much alike! They are six weeks apart and Tim was one of Brooke’s first visitors in the hospital.

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I just have to talk for a minute about this fabric! The knits are some of the nicest I’ve worked with. They are incredibly soft, still haven’t pilled (Tim’s been living in these pants and they’ve been through the wash several times), and have a fantastic stretch and recovery! They are sturdy without being thick and sewed so well. The only problem I had was that they curl really bad at the edges, so getting everything laid out straight to start cutting was a bit of a pain. Once the pieces were cut out though, they didn’t curl nearly as much.

Thanks for stopping by to see the beginning of our kids’ fall wardrobe! There are some fantastic bloggers on the tour, so be sure to check them all out!

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    Very cute! Those two are adorable together. Thanks for showing the different looks with these patterns. I love it.

  2. Sheri Fowler says:

    I love that little girl pullover with the poofy sleeves at the top! I have a new grandaughter on the way and this would be soooo cute!

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