Fruity Fresh and Edwardian England Mystery Challenge

You may have read that title and said, “Wait – what?” Amy and I are involved with the Mystery Challenge, set up by our friend Stephanie from You can read the full details here.  Basically we were each paired with a different blogger and given a sewing challenge. Tasha’s partner is Irene from Sugaridoo and she gave Tasha “Fruity Fresh” (check out the Willy Wonka Challenge Tasha gave her!). Amy’s partner is Meirel of Create3.5 and she gave Amy “Edwardian England” (be sure to see Meriel’s Circle Challenge!). We split our looks into two posts since they were kind of long. You can see Amy’s here.

Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh and Edwardian England {{}}

Fruity Fresh – Tasha Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh {{}}

As soon as I saw Fresh and Fruity I instantly knew what pattern and what fabric I wanted to use. I had picked up one of those great quilt bundles that had bright fruits and imagined it being a fantastic spring/summer apron. The pattern I chose to use is this great vintage Simplicity pattern!Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh  {{}}

I did pattern “F” in a size small/medium. The top was small and the bottoms were medium… and with as “full” as her tush is I could have done it a bit bigger!

Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh {{}}

Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh  {{}}

I color blocked the top and the bottoms. I added a polka a dot cuff to the capri pants and then added and embroidered apple to the bottom! She would catch a glance at it and try and pick it off her pants!

Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh  {{}}

Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh  {{}}

Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh  {{}}

I even had enough left from the pack of fabric to whip up this great apron! I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked so I made one up as I went!! I will be offering the pattern for free along with a tutorial later this week!

Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh  {{}}

Mystery Challenge: Fruity Fresh  {{}}

And check out how cute and subtle this red fruit ruffle came out! :)

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  1. Ren says:

    Great solution to the challenge! I’m not sure what’s more adorable the outfit or the palm-tree hair-do. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursday on The Inspired Wren.

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