From a Sweater to a Miniskirt

       Here is a fun tutorial! Another sweater shirt refashion!!
I have fallen in love with these miniskirts that look like sweaters; example
This gorgeous number is from, and is actually a really reasonable price. $9.95 for a pretty new sweater skirt, or free ninety-nine because you have a sweater that you can refashion?? Um I think I will go with the ladder than you!! I have this horribly fantastic sweater that I bought for an ugly sweater party.
Ain’t she a beauty?? Well she may be awkward and slightly hideous but she was really darn comfy, so I didn’t want to give her away. I honestly was never going to wear it outside of my house in its original state everEVER again, but I kept a hold of her in case something wonderful came to mind. After looking at pretty clothes on the internet for inspiration to repurpose I remembered Big Ugly (what I have kindly named this sweater)!!
So here goes a basic transition from Big Ugly to Little Pretty!
First thing you will need to do is lay out your sweater and grab some cutters.
 You are going to chop the top of the sweater off. Ok, right about now you are staring at the picture of the sweater and wondering what in tarnation is going on with this thing.?!?!?!?! I know right??? I couldn’t tell you what one specific design the person who made this was going for, there are people, and  numbers, and the ABC’s, something that looks like award medals you would win at the Olympics Any who moving on!
I found it easy with the stripes to line up with one closest to the armpits and cut there. To make sure I cut evenly I used a long ruler.
Make your slice,
and then throw away the top or try and invent a new fashion
Yeah I didn’t think so either!
Thankfully with the material being knitted nothing unraveled and the edge stayed nice for me while I sewed it. I used a zig zag stitch to give it that room to stretch and move a bit.
 Make your edge about a half an inch or so; it really depends on how big your elastic is. I used a quarter inch elastic so I knew a half an inch would be perfect. Make sure to leave yourself about an inch opening so you can slide your elastic in. If you have one of those really cool do-hickey things that help you thread elastic through hems, now would be a good time to use it, otherwise you can grab a trusty ol’ safety pin like me!
Once the elastic is in, sew the elastic together tightly and then close your opening up. Voila, a mini skirt!
With the weather being cold this is a great layering tool. Throw this skirt over some leggings, with a plain colored long sleeve tee and a super cute scarf and you will be Miss Fashionista!!
I did happen to find a good use for this left over chunk of sweater it was cold in the craft room/computer room and I was too lazy to get up from writing my blog and editing photos so I just grabbed the sweater top and my vest and got cozy! Ha Ha Ha
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