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Guess what I’m watching at this very moment?!? Seriously, it’s going to take me an hour to write this post – cause The Winter Soldier is finally out!!

Falcon - Winter Soldier {{Friends Stitched Together.com}}

If you know me at all, you know that Captain America is my favorite Avenger. And in the new movie, he gets just what every superhero needs: a sassy sidekick! The very first scene sets the tone with the two of them running around a track – Sam running at a normal speed and the Cap constantly passing him, every time saying “On your left”, oh so polite! Which drives Sam nuts :)

Falcon - Winter Soldier {{Friends Stitched Together.com}}

Now Sam is a pilot, but not just any pilot – he gets a pair of wings (sorry – spoooiiler… Whoops!) that are the coolest thing ever! I used the Recess Raglan for the shirt. The wings are made from transfer paper and topstitching. I kinda love them!

Falcon - Winter Soldier {{Friends Stitched Together.com}}

As far as I can tell, The Falcon doesn’t have a cool emblem (yet), so I freezer paper stenciled this falcon on the back pockets of his latest Small Fry Skinnies (upcycled from a pair of my old jeans).

Falcon - Winter Soldier {{Friends Stitched Together.com}}

And the trench coat – ah the trench! The thing I was most blown away with in the Winter Soldier, was the sheer amount of jackets that Steve and Sam have! Wow! I got so caught up examining the details, I missed whole scenes! There is one at the very end that Sam wears that I just fell in love with. There is like literally one screenshot of it on the entire internet, so I was going from that and my memories.

Not too shabby, huh?

Falcon - Winter Soldier {{Friends Stitched Together.com}}

I started with the Jude Jacket. Then added a front shoulder flap, a back vent, straps on the sleeves and the collar, in-seam pockets, and a classic trench button front. I found three skinny belts at Goodwill that all had similar buckles and used those for the straps.

Falcon - Winter Soldier {{Friends Stitched Together.com}}

Of course, I had to line it with a star fabric as a nod to the Cap :) And look at that – 1:04 into the movie! What did I say?

Don’t forget to add your superhero-themed looks to the CraftingCon link up! You could win fabric money… Jus’ sayin’ :D

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