An Elephant Hoodie

My three year old has two favorite animals (this week, at least). Tigers (who are all called Tigey – thankyouverymuch Daniel Tiger) and Elephants (or “fwinants” – who knows why). I found this remnant of elephant fleece at Joann’s and have been saving it for the perfect pattern. Enter Zander’s Hoodie and Hooded Vest by EYMM! I’m sharing this version today as part of the tour – you can check out all the other talented sewists at the end of the post.

An Elephant Hoodie  {{ for EYMM Zander's Hoodie Tour}}

Obviously, I went with the vest version. I probably could have squeezed the sleeves out of what I had, but I really like the way this ended up! It’s perfect for the cold-in-the-morning, hot-in-the-afternoon weather we’re having right now. I made a straight 3 for John. I love the roomy fit and the length is spot-on!

Clearly, not that stifled...

I bought the pattern as part of the Boy’s Bundle Up Collection. You can use the coupon “hoodiesrock” for 25% off the Zander hoodie, the Silhouette Reverse Applique Pack, and pre-orders of the new His & Hers Asymmetrical Hoodie that is still in testing.

An Elephant Hoodie  {{ for EYMM Zander's Hoodie Tour}}

The pattern is listed as an intermediate level. The fleece I used was a bit stiff – the only problem I had in the construction was with the waistband. My machine was not thrilled going over that many layers of thick fleece! But she chugged along and we got it done :) The zipper goes in very easily and the hood pieces are part of the bodice, so that’s also easy to do!

An Elephant Hoodie  {{ for EYMM Zander's Hoodie Tour}}

The vest is fully lined. I used a lightweight striped knit that I got from Pick Your Plum one time when it was on sale. It’s really too thin to use for tee shirts, but it makes an awesome lining (like inside this hood) – very soft and smooth against the skin.

An Elephant Hoodie  {{ for EYMM Zander's Hoodie Tour}}

The asymmetrical zip is, of course, the the showstopper of the pattern. I played around with matching up the elephants, but with my limited amount of fabric, I decided not to and purposely cut the pockets from different sections so I didn’t end up with that terrible “almost matching”.

An Elephant Hoodie  {{ for EYMM Zander's Hoodie Tour}}

Thanks for stopping by to see John’s Fwinant Vest! Be sure and check out all the other versions on the tour!

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