Dragons and Robots

Dragons and Robots

I had some grand plans for the PR&P Signature Style week. Fancy button-ups, complicated jackets, pin-stripe trousers. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that’s not really our (Mine and John’s) style. He’s a jeans and tee kinda guy. And then I found this incredible print on Spoonflower! It’s called The Dragon’s Court.

Dragons and Robots

It’s covered in dragons and bows and arrows – even what looks like little trees in the background are mini arrows. And despite it being $30 a yard (gulp!!), I knew I had to have it! I still haven’t told Daddy how much it was. Shh…

Dragons and Robots

I used the Recess Raglan pattern in the 3T – I like the looser fit on my 2T boy. I also used one of the heraldic banners for a pocket on his sleeve.

Excuse the mess!

It turned out just right for holding a screwdriver.

Dragons and Robots

And then there’s the pants! I love me some Nowhere Man Pants.


I love the fit and how easy they are to customize with pops of fun fabric!

This is Atomic Bots by Silvia Dekker. John is a little obsessed with robots right now and he picked out this fat quarter last time we were at Craft Warehouse. I figure if I’m sewing for him, I might as well get some input!

Dragons and Robots

So that’s it: our signature style. Solid patterns that let the fabrics speak for themselves! I am so proud of myself that I actually sewed along with all four weeks of PR&P – on to Project Sewn!


  1. michellebryer says:

    I agree, you’d think you might want to showcase a new and crazy intricate pattern but in reality signature style should be something you enjoy and sew often. I love raglan tees! And I love his little hammer pocket, lol :) I hope your husband doesn’t freak out about that fabric! Don’t let him read this blog, lol!!

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