Disney CraftingCon with Manning the Machine

I’m skipping my normal CraftingCon intro today because Laura’s post is just too darn fun- keep scrolling!! (and don’t forget to check out Ajaire’s adorable girl on the competition side!)

Hello all! It’s Laura from Manning the Machine. Yep, I’m here again. You might have seen me back in June for Harry Potter and January for Doctor Who. I’m back again for Disney month, and have chosen to focus on a show that our whole family likes watching together. That’s right, even the husband and I like it. I had a lot of fun creating my look, and writing the post that will follow this little intro. I’d thought about creating a little video of me singing it to you, but I am sure the ladies of CraftingCon don’t want to lose all their guests. So, I will provide you with this handy little video link, so you can hear the tune, and maybe sing along while you read. Enjoy!


There’s just 30 days of CraftingCon April,
and May comes along just to end it.
So the current problem for this Sewing Mama
is finding a good way to craft it.


Like maybe….
Looking at patterns
And checking out Craftsy
And heading to the fabric store


Discovering that I have enough yardage (Hey!)
Or maybe I should buy some more!


Printing pages
Reading pdfs
And locating my scissors and tape (They’re over here!)


Finding the cutting mat
Cutting the fabric out
This skirt has a really nice drape (Danica!)


As you can see
There’s a whole of stuff to do
Before April ends with May (Come on River!)


So stick with CraftingCon April cause
We’re gonna craft it all!
So stick with CraftingCon April cause
We’re gonna craft it all!
(Kids! I totally rewrote a title sequence!)


Was that fun? Did you like it? Haha!

I actually really did have fun creating this little look for my oldest girl, Danica. I used the Audriella dress pattern by Rose & Lee Designs for her Phineas inspired dress. The Agent P headband and Perry the Platypus hair clip, (that Elle was nice enough to model), are both clippie designs by Frou Frou by Heather Sue.

Don’t want the Phineas and Ferb love to end? Want another song? Here’s my two year old’s favorite Phineas and Ferb related video. Enjoy…… Waahaahaa!

Right? I think this is one of my favorite CraftingCon posts – my boys (and myself…) love P&F and I could totally hear the song while I was reading! Have you made something based on a Disney movie or show? Join our FB group to show it off or add it to the linky (and check out Jonie’s fantastic Tea Party from last week!)!

And – I have the results for last month’s competition: In first place, we have the Crazy Tailor with her incredible Robin Hood inspired outfit! Sarah will get a prize package of patterns from Fishsticks Designs, Golden Rippy, and EYMM.

In a very-close second place is Sew Happily Ever After’s awesome Toothless hoodie! Linda will get a copy of Skirt Fixation’s Not a Skirt! and a copy of my very first pattern (the Just like Papa Briefcase, releasing on Wednesday)!

And our FB sewalong winner is Marlene MacVane with an adorable take on Alice in Wonderland! Marlene will receive patterns from Serger Pepper and Paisley Roots – lucky lady!