Darth Vader with Handmade Boy

For our first competitor look this month, we have the very talented Kelly! She has the cutest little guy that she sews for – and she pulled off a Darth Vader look without it being cheesy! I am so impressed!! Scroll down to the end for the giveaway and link party. Don’t forget you can sign up here to be involved next season!

Hello! I’m Kelly from Handmade Boy. I am so super duper uber excited to be able to participate in CraftingCon! When I saw the list of  themes available I jumped at Star Wars! Now I admit, I am not a super Star Wars geek. BUT my oldest daughter is thanks to my dad. And they have pulled my four year old son deep into the love of The Force. My son thinks Darth Vader is the coolest thing next to Batman.

Handmade Boy

So of course we had to use Darth Vader as our inspiration. I had to come up with something that says “Come to the dark side!” but doesn’t look like a costume. Something he can play in and “wear to the grocery store.” We were allowed props, which rocks! Because, I admit, I do allow my son to take things like masks and light sabers to the grocery store. Hey, whatever makes picking up the stuff to make dinner easier, right!

So after a few days of thinking and googling the different images of Darth Vader’s style, this happened.

I knew Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shops Boardwalk Henley was the perfect base for a Darth Vader inspired tee shirt. I used gray and black striped knit fabric for the upper front of the shirt to mimic the silver stripes on Darth Vader’s armor. Then, I used scrap knit fabric to applique the control panel buttons and the large belt buckle inspired shape onto the body of the shirt.

And something my little Vader made sure his new shirt had was a built in cape! I used my tutorial for adding a cape to the boardwalk found here, to add a knit cape to the back. No velcro involved! It’s sewn right into the shoulder hems so it doesn’t fall off. It’s kept a bit short to keep it safe, and practical.

We paired the shirt of Dark Side awesomeness with some super comfy, super functional charcoal black knit cargo shorts. I used Peek-a-Boo’s Castaway Cargos for these. They are extended in length to give my growing Sith Lord more wear. They are very easy to run and move in, making them perfect for the spur of the moment battle.

So in my new found geeky eduction, I KNOW that Darth Vader has a red light saber. We have a blue one, which drives my daughter who knows all things Star Wars absolutely crazy. Finding a red light saber just wasn’t happening, so blue it is.

 Little Vader is very happy with his new look. He has proven that it is very easy to play in and being all knit, it is super easy to wash and keep clean. Thank you Darth Vader for inspiring us to create a look perfect for the Dark Side!

Thank you very much for allowing me to share my look! Stop by my blog Handmade Boy for ideas for sewing more than pajama pants and tee shirts for boys! And I have some stuff for girls on there too. ;) Happy sewing and may The Force be with you!!

What an awesome outfit, Kelly! I’m pretty sure my little man needs his own Darth Vader tee now!

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Rules for the link up: Enter anything fiber-related and Star Wars themed from the past year. There is no limit to how many posts you can link up, but adding more won’t increase your chances of winning – in other words, you can enter fifteen looks, but will only be entered to win once. The contestants for this month are allowed to enter anything they’ve done that’s Star Wars related, but are not eligible to win – however, our guest posters can enter their posts and are eligible to win. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all made!

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    • KellyS says:

      Thanks!! People who don’t KNOW Star Wars just think it’s some sort of robot shirt. Girls can totally pull off a Darth Vader shirt or a tunic is a great idea!

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